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February 6, 2009

Where Is The ‘neighbor allowas-in’ Command in the 12.4 Documentation?

I was doing a lab last night that required that you allow prefixes into a BGP AS that had that AS number in the AS-path.  Normally, BGP would drop these advertisements, but I knew that there was a command to allow the local AS in.  I also knew that it was configured as a ‘neighbor’ command.

Weird….I figured that this was something like ‘neighbor allow as’ but I couldn’t find that command in the BGP command reference:

neighbor activate
neighbor advertise-map
neighbor advertisement-interval
neighbor capability orf prefix-list
neighbor default-originate
neighbor description
neighbor disable-connected-check

But there it was on the CLI:

Rack1R3(config-router)#neigh ?
activate                 Enable the Address Family for this Neighbor
advertise-map            specify route-map for conditional advertisement
advertisement-interval   Minimum interval between sending BGP routing updates
allowas-in               Accept as-path with my AS present in it

That’s strange.  I went to the 12.4 Master Command List and it’s there…under:

Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference
neighbor allowas-in

I find it odd that it was not under the BGP command reference, but it’s not a big deal as the name of the command pretty much sums up what it does.  The only (optional)argument that the command takes is the number of times that the local AS can appear in the path.

August 30, 2008

Dear Cisco: PLEASE Stop Fucking With Your Documentation

Whenever I need to build an AS-Path access-list I open the Cisco Regular Expressions documentation:

The regular expressions documentation is located in an odd corner of the DOC CD – under Terminal Services Configuration.  You may want to practice finding it a couple of times before your exam day:

12.4 Documentation Home ->
Configuration Guides ->
Cisco IOS Terminal Services Configuration Guide ->
Appendixes ->
Regular Expressions

So I went to the 12.4 Mainline Configuration Guide page and…..where the hell is the Cisco IOS Terminal Services Configuration Guide?  It’s nowhere to be found.  It was there at least as recently as 14 August, but – joy of joys – it’s gone now.

Thankfully it’s still (for how long?) present in the 12.3 Mainline Configuration Guides.  You have to play “Choose Your Own Adventure” with some links but you’ll eventually get to a 12.2 documentation page.

This was a pain in the butt during a practice lab, but it would have been a major stress-inducing moment during the actual lab.

I guess that the lesson here (other than “The Cisco Documentation team is of the devil”) is that you should probably verify that your favorite pieces of documentation are still there before you take the lab.  I would also make sure that you’re somewhat comfortable navigating older code documentation.

August 24, 2008

CCIE Labs Changing from UniversCD to Cisco Documentation

This Friday Cisco announced that you will no longer be able to use the UniversCD documentation for the CCIE lab exam:

CCIE labs changing from UniversCD to Cisco Documentation

22 AUG 2008: On Sept 24 2008 CCIE labs will no longer support using the UniversCD documentation for the lab exam.

All labs are migrating to Cisco Documentation only. For those scheduled to take the CCIE lab prior to Sept 24 access will still be available for UniversCD.

The Cisco Documentation pages have the same information that currently resides on UniversCD, please refer to the links on the CCIE web pages to view these pages and become familiar with the new format.

After Sept 24 2008 only the Cisco Documentation web pages will be available for CCIE labs.

My lab in in October so this affects me.  The way that I understand this announcement this means that I won’t be able to use as my documentation “start page”.  I assume that the new “start page” will be  I did not see any links on the “CCIE web pages” so I cannot confirm this.

If my interpretation is correct, then this is no big deal as you’re probably used to navigating the new documentation already.

Hat tip to Walter Gibbons although his Twitter nearly made me crap myself when I first read it  🙂

waltergibbons CCIE labs will no longer support using the UniversCD documentation for the lab exam-…

June 29, 2008

Wherefore art thou Master Command Index?

With the recent upgrade of the 12.4 documentation, the 12.4 Master Command List was broken into sections based on alphabetical order.  This means that you are no longer able to do an ‘in page’ search of all of the commands.  You either have to know what letter the command starts with or search multiple pages.  The ‘workaround’ to this was to use the 12.3 Master Command List. 

Alas, that too has been segmented into multiple pages.

Recently minted CCIE #21236 found where the old skool Master Command Index is hiding:

I noticed right before my test that that list was missing, but it still there, just moved.  Goto 12.3, then the 12.3T references, then the link is at the very bottom.

If you open the 12.3T documentation and use the Master Index, then you can hit this page.

I don’t know how long this will be around though.  It looks like we’re going to have to get used to the fact that ‘mining the DOCCD’ is going to be a bit more difficult going forward.  Hopefully Cisco will make PDFs available with all of the commands so that there will still be one place to search through all of the commands at once.

May 11, 2008

Regular Expressions Documentation

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The regular expressions documentation is located in an odd corner of the DOC CD – under Terminal Services Configuration.  You may want to practice finding it a couple of times before your exam day:

12.4 Documentation Home ->
Configuration Guides ->
Cisco IOS Terminal Services Configuration Guide ->
Appendixes ->
Regular Expressions

May 3, 2008

12.4 Documentation

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Maybe I’m the last one to notice this (I’ve been using the 12.3 documentation as well as a documentation DVD for the 12.4 stuff), but it looks like the 12.4 documentation is finally taking shape.  Instead of shooting me off to some product page I got the following message while trying to use the 12.4 documentation from the univercd page:

This documentation has been moved.
You reached this page because you were trying to access documentation from the old Cisco Connection Online (CCO) website, also known as UniverCD. The CCO website is being discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope this redirect will help you find the documentation on the new website.

At, you will find all the command references for Cisco IOS Release 12.4, including the book you were looking for on the CCO website. Please bookmark this URL for future use.

The univercd link has been replaced for the 12.4 documentation with this mouthful:

I have to admit that I like the new structure.  The only downside is that you don’t get all of the commands on one page for the Master Command list (they are broken up into alphabetical blocks).  I liked using that page because I could do an ‘in page’ search for terms.  I can still use the 12.3 page for this.

Take some time to get used to the new page (if you haven’t already).  I think that you’ll like it.  The only glaring issue I’ve found so far is that I don’t see the IPv6 command reference [ht to Keith] (although the IPv6 configuration guide is there).

April 6, 2008

DOC CD May Be ‘Broken’ In The Lab

Here’s a bit of discouraging news/study tip from a recent lab attendee for those of you with impending lab dates:

You get to reach but cannot get out of the univercd link. You also get all the redirected links to the new support site.

On the web, some of the broken links are directed to the new support main page. As far as I remember you cannot reach that main page.

So you better learn how to navigate through the old and new support site. If your direct link doesn’t work (just as in the normal web) you may have to find your way around. Like if it’s IP Application Services you may find that some other way and find your command in the page.

So I suggest spending some time on the web learning the old/new layouts and which documents are where. I did this in the last couple of days and it worked well.

Edited by Utku Er (03/30/08 06:33 AM)
CCNP, CCDP, CCIP and CCIE(R&S) #20222

I’ve been completely avoiding the 12.4 documentation as I really don’t need to have my blood pressure any higher than it is now.  I am still hoping that Cisco will cobble the 12.4 documentation back together before my lab in late July, but I’m not holding my breath. 

February 28, 2008

Cisco Documentation Improvement

I was looking up some EIGRP information the other day in the Cisco documentation.  I followed my normal path:

Cisco Documentation -> Cisco IOS Release 12.4 -> Configuration Guides -> Cisco IOS IP Routing Protocols Configuration Guide, Release 12.4

After the now customary redirection, I ended up on a page that looked slightly different than the one that I was used to:

New Documentation Menu

Cisco has now added a menu tree on the left side of the page.  This is a very handy addition as it means that I can get to all of the IP Routing configuration guides from a single page.  No more backing my browser up when I want to move to BGP or RIP commands.

I’ve been seeing this menu tree on a number (but not all) of the documentation pages.  Hopefully they will all be built by the time that I take the lab. 

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