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February 16, 2009

CCIE Candidate Blog: Congratulations to Carl Burkland

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I don’t know whats in the water over at, but send some my way.  🙂  Carl Burkland recently passed his CCIE Routing and Switching lab on his first attempt.  He has posted his story here. Lots of good training advice and a nice recap of the lab day.

Congratulations to Carl – who is taking a ‘breather’ and then starting on the Service Provider track.

December 3, 2008

NetworkWorld: Looking For CCIE/Cisco Blogs/Websites

NetworkWorlds’s Cisco Subnet recently posted their “Top 10 Cisco Stories of 2008”.  Number one on their list:

20 useful sites for Cisco networking professionals
Our most-read Cisco Subnet post is our pick of 20 useful sites for Cisco networking professionals. We published the list in February and since then we’ve come across plenty more useful sites, so watch this space as we’re planning to update the list soon. If you own or know of a site that should be on the list, please send an e-mail to Linda Leung (

Somehow NetworkWorld included this blog on that list.  Please don’t let the good folks at NW make that type of mistake again.  🙂  If you have a CCIE (or other Cisco-centric) blog, go ahead an email Linda with your information.

November 11, 2008

NetworkWorld: CCIE Buzz Blog Launched

I’ve been really busy the last few days. I will return to (semi) regular blogging tomorrow. In the meantime allow me to pimp out a new CCIE blog:

Welcome to the CCIE Buzz blog, written by CCIE candidates, CCIE Pursuit, CCIE Talk and CCIE Journey. You may know them through their own blogs; now you can read them on Network World in one single blog (and you can go to their their own respective blogs to read more of their CCIE tips, tricks and musings).

CCIE Buzz blog is here.

The CCIE Buzzers are engineers like you who will be sharing their CCIE journeys with you. CCIE Pursuit will post information about each stage of pursuing the CCIE; CCIE Talk will discuss how to get started with the CCIE; and CCIE Journey will discuss CCIE technical topics.
We hope you will enjoy the blog. We’d also love to hear your CCIE journeys as well, so please use this platform to chew the fat with your peers.
Please join me in welcoming the CCIE Buzzers.
Linda Leung
Cisco Subnet Editor

Each Monday I’ll be posting an entry covering the steps to becoming a CCIE.  My first two posts are here and here.  CCIE Talk’s first post is here.  CCIE Journey – who must have naked pictures of someone over at NetworkWorld 🙂 – will be posting on Fridays.

October 24, 2008

IPexpert: New Free vLectures Coming Up

IPexpert has a number of free vLectures scheduled over the next few months and the vast majority of them are for tracks other than Routing and Switching.

CCIE vLecture Seminar Series
Our vLecture Seminar Series offers focused online discussions led by the renowned CCIE-certified instructors at IPexpert. Each seminar concentrates on a specific topic related to CCIE preparation, including individual protocols and technologies listed on the lab blueprint, as well as test-taking strategies!
Register today for one or more of the following vLectures. Space is limited in each seminar!

Oct 31 2:00 PM EST
Topic: Basic-ACD
Track: Voice

Nov 04 5:00 PM EST
Topic: Campus QOS
Track: Voice

Nov 06 3:00 PM EST
Topic: BGP Fundamentals
Track: R&S / Service Provider

Nov 26 2:00 PM EST
Topic: UCCX Custom Scripting
Track: Voice

Dec 19 2:00 PM EST
Topic: ASA/PIX and NAT
Track: Security

Jan 27 3:00 PM EST
Topic: MPLS Fundamentals
Track: Service Provider

Jan 30 2:00 PM EST
Topic: Remote Trigger Black Hole Filtering
Track: Security

Mar 19 3:00 PM EST
Topic: MBGP Fundamentals
Track: Service Provider

Apr 16 3:00 PM EST: 
Topic: MPLS VPNs
Track: Service Provider
To register, go here:

October 20, 2008

IPexpert: CCIE Blog Launched

IPexpert has launched the long awaited CCIE Blog.   You can create your own blog hosted on CCIE Blog, read the blogs already hosted there (including Arden Packeer’s excellent blog), or add the RSS feed for your already-existing blog to the site. 

The site is live as well as a new IPexpert Blog.

IPexpert has created this blog site as an effective means to expand its dialogue with the IT training community. Through this blog, we hope to introduce a level of candor and connectedness throughout our organization, with open communications to those interested in participating at any level.

Our company is comprised of real people with families and goals, working hard to help you achieve your goals for your families as well. We invite you to get to know us – all of us – through this blog and the many other ways we make ourselves available to you.

August 14, 2008

14 August – CCIE Quickies

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CCIE, The Everest Quest Lessaid recently passed his R&S written exam.  Congratulations. – This site recently ran a cabling spaghetti photo contest.  Here’s the winner.

Cisco Press– Cisco Press has just made available a (118 page!) excerpt from the new CCIE Routing & Switching Practice Labs book.

CCIE CandidateAnother new blogger joins Ethan’s site.  Welcome aboard Carl.

Internetwork Expert Blog – More of the Volume I v5.0 labs are coming soon.  IE is asking for input as to which technologies you would like more coverage on.  There’s already a vote for redistribution (my choice).

Cisco Live! Virtual– You can test drive the Cisco Live Virtual interface and check out the free “Troubleshooting LAN Protocols” session.

CiscoLive 1 of the top sessions in www.ciscolivevirtual.comin July 2008 was Troubleshooting LAN Protocols…Login to watch & rate this session! 38 minutes ago from web

I created a guest access acount and signed in.  It sure is pretty!  🙂  I quickly gave up on trying to find the free content though.  Hopefully you have better luck.

July 29, 2008

CCIE 250000 Is Born!

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And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in the blogosphere for about the space of four days.

The end times must be upon us because somehow CCIE Journey managed to breed.  His son Jacob was born yesterday.  Surf on over and congratulate him or just speculate on who the real father is.  🙂

July 15, 2008

15 July – CCIE Quickies

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Internetwork Expert – IE has a page up with learning profiles for customers who passed the CCIE R&S lab using their products.  The five profiles show the products used, the approximate time spend studying, as well as (this is the part that interests me the most) the mock labs taken and the scores on those mock labs.  We were given some of this information in the Mock Lab Workshop.  The scores on the mock labs made me feel a lot better about my scores.  I’ll touch on this more when I (finally) get around to posting the rest of my Mock Lab Workshop review.

Graded Labs– Graded Labs is the vendor who manages IE’s rack rentals.  They’ve redesigned their webpage and have announced some upcoming improvements.  Brian Dennis mentioned that they will be letting you name your saved sessions soon (which is good because decoding ‘2008.07.14-S2-13.37-RSRACK13’ to ‘IP Multicast Basic ‘ is a bit rough).  They recently announced something that I suggested at the workshop (I’m sure they had the idea long before I brought it up):

Workbook Scaffolding – Currently in Development
Starting with the labs in Internetwork Expert’s Routing and Switching Workbook Volume 2, you will be able to one-click load the starting configurations for any task in the workbook. The purpose of this scaffolding is to increase your productivity by giving you the option to by-pass content that you have already mastered.

You will be able to load the configurations up to a certain section (task?) in a lab.  That way if you want to work on Multicast you can load the configuration prior to that section and start the lab from that point.  This is also great for when you get stuck.  You may have fat-fingered something and can’t troubleshoot it (I’ve done more than my share of that).  You can save out your configuration and then load the IE configuration and use that to find your problem.  This will also help out when people post issues in the forum.  They (or the forum mod) can load the configuration up to the previous section and then quickly address the task (instead of configuring the entire lab to that point).

Internetwork Expert Blog– Petr revisits a very popular post about private VLANs:

Due to the non-decreasing interest to the post about Private VLANs, I decided to make another one, more detailed – including a diagram and verification techniques.

Ethereal Mind – A nice ‘blessay’ (blog + essay?) is up concerning auto-negotiation and why you should be using it. 

Network World – Off topic, but funny/scary (depending what side of the fence you fall on).  I know that we’ve all wanted to pull a stunt like this, but 99.9999% of us are not ballsy/stupid enough to do it. (ht: cyberat)

So You Wanna Be A CCIE Blogger?

So you wanna be a CCIE blogger?  Live large.  Five cars.  A big house.  Rent charged.

Okay, my apologies to Cypress Hill (“rent charged?” – really?).  If you want to jump into the glamorous world of CCIE blogging, now may be the best time to do so:

CCIE Candidate – Ethan put up a post a little while ago asking for contributors to his very successful blog.  If you want to reach a vast audience, then blogging on CCIE Candidate is the way to go.  With the last two bloggers passing the lab on the first go, you might even be able to tap into that magic.  😉

CCIE Talk – The blogger over at CCIE Talk is asking for others to join him in blogging your CCIE journey. While I don’t know a lot about the site, it looks great and has some good content up already.  You might get to rub elbows with Eman Conde (his blog is here) which could benefit you careerwise.

CCIE>blog_ – IPexpert will be (re)launching CCIE Blog very soon.  As I posted earlier, they will be “handsomely rewarding” the first 25 blogs registered.  Since then, IPexpert has announced (via Twitter) that the first 10 blogs registered will receive an IPexpert end-to-end package (this includes two weeks of boot camps – see more details here).

ipexpert PASS THIS TO YOU FRIENDS (Ask them to follow) – When we announce – the first 10 people to launch a blog will win an E2E Program   09:19 PM July 12, 2008  from web

As I stated earlier, you can go to CCIE Blog and enter your email address and they will contact you when the site goes live.  If I’m reading the tweet correctly, you’ll probably want to follow IPexpert on Twitter in order to have a shot at the 10 end-to-end prizes.  You may want to contact Mike Down at IPexpert if you are interested, per his recent tweet:

Looking for bloggers! If you are interested in blogging about your CCIE Journey, please email me @ – Mike about 21 hours ago from web

CCIE Magazine – CCIE Magazine is a new site by no other than Arden Packeer.  While not technically a blog, the site is asking for writers:

If you are interested in joining the crew and writing for, please send an email to outlining a little bit about you, what topics you would like to write about, and possibly a sample article or two to give us a better idea of your writing style.

This would be a great idea for those who don’t want to deal with the updating a blog on a regular basis or those who already have their digits.

Anyhoo….It’s great to see more CCIE blogs popping up everyday (I’m waaaaay overdue for some updates to my list of CCIE blogs).  I started blogging only because when I Googled “ccie blog” back in the day there were very few active CCIE blogs out there.  The diversity of blogs and websites really helps the CCIE community out.   If you feel that you can contribute to the community (and trust me – if I can blog, anyone can do it) then starting your own blog or joining one of the existing sites mentioned above is a great idea.

July 10, 2008

IPexpert: CCIEBlog to relaunch – EverythingIE coming soon

Web 2.0 is coming to the CCIE community.  IPexpert will be relaunching CCIEBlog (I was told the that first run was just a shell) very soon:

CCIE>Blog_ is the world’s first CCIE-focused blogging platform. Within this community, you will have access to the following features and services…

  • Set up a free personalized blog with this targeted domain name, for example:
  • Keep regular journal entries of your CCIE preparation path, collaborating with others working on the same product you are (keeps you accountable to yourself and your peers that follow your posts!)
  • Existing CCIEs can build a “content site” for other candidates to follow and learn from
  • Includes a DIRECTORY of CCIE-related blogs making it easy for you to find others and for others to find your blog 
    • Get your blog listed in the directory even if it is not hosted at
  • All CCIEblogs will have a “Rank This!” feature allowing the best, most informative and relevant blogs to be featured
  • Participate in the “CCIE>Blog_ of the Week” contest 
  • Special offers for training products, courses and rack sessions for all active CCIE>Blog_ Members

In August, they will be begin beta testing EverythingIE:

EverythingIE encompasses all aspects of online and offline social networking resources,while also providing a repository of information for both CCIE candidates and current CCIEs to excel in every way. As the name implies, this community’s purpose is to provide everything related to being or becoming an “IE.”

Community Features

  • Detailed member profiles with interactivity
  • Discussion forums and email list-serv communities
  • Live online events (including free training seminars)
  • Podcasting by community members and instructors
  • Group formation by anybody (start your own study group)
  • Blogging capability (integration of  
  • Career Center (jobs database and resume posting)
  • CCIEwiki will provide all you need to know about the exam experience, location info (including recommended hotels near testing centers, etc.)
  • RSS feeds pulled into your personalized study center
  • Useful tools for networking engineers
  • Much, much more to come…

Right now you can enter your email address at either (or both) sites and you will be updated when the sites launch.  Both sites offer this intriguing bonus:

Once launched, the first 25 active CCIE>Blog_ sites will be rewarded handsomely. 🙂
Once launched, the first 25 [EverythingIE] active members will be rewarded handsomely.

IPexpert has been giving away a ton of free training lately, so if you’re thinking about entering the glamorous world of CCIE blogging 🙂 you may want to think about using CCIEBlog as it seems likely you will end up with some free product.

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