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January 8, 2008

A Couple Of Must Read Posts

While blog surfing today, I came across two really excellent posts explaining a couple of “obscure” technologies.  These are must reads for CCIE candidates:

Internetwork Expert Blog:

Understanding PPP over Frame Relay (PPPoFR)– a great tutorial on PPPoFR, including when and why you would use it in the “real world.”

CCIE Candidate

area nssa translate type7 suppress-fa– Ethan Banks shares a great scenario concerning what happens when two area 0 ABRs border an NSSA area.  Who handles the 7-to-5 LSA translation?  If an ABR learns a route as an N1 from an NSSA, and the same route as an E1 from another neighbor – which does it prefer?  This is a great scenario to mock up in Dynamips.

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