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The following is a list of currently maintained CCIE blogs in no particular order other than the order in which I blogged about them.  The descriptions are pulled directly from my blog posts.  I will update them and pull out any that are not maintained,  but I wanted to get them all on one page rather than scattered across a number of different postings.

CCIE Candidate – Ethan Banks’ blog began in January of this year.  Up until recently, it has concentrated heavily on the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam.  Ethan passed that exam at Networkers this year.  Now he has assembled a home/work lab and is preparing to begin his lab preparation using the NetMasterClass DoIT labs.  Ethan’s blog is very well written and very detailed.  Anyone that is looking at taking the CCIE R&S written exam will benefit greatly from his study notes.

bitbucketblog -The blogger at bitbucketblog is currently working on his second attempt at the CCIE R&S lab.  As such, he’s further along in his studies than the other three bloggers.  He is using Internetwork Expert material as well as the IPexpert workbook.  It looks like he has quite a bit on his plate right now with a new house (as someone who has been in his new home for about 2 weeks – I feel you) and a new wife.  I loved his posting about looking for open APs.  I just moved from a neighborhood that had about 6 APs (all LinkSys – all unprotected –  all on channel 6) that I could leech off of if my cable connection went down to a much smaller town (less than 2000 people – but on a lake!) where I was surprised to find zero APs.  Couple that with waiting for the cable company to hook up my new connection and I was in serious withdrawal.  But I digress…..welcome aboard bitbucketblog.

CCIE Journey – This is the newest of the CCIE blogs (the first postings are from yesterday).  The blogger at CCIE Journey is currently working on the CCIE written exam along with studying for the lab.  He bought the Internetwork Expert End-to-End package.  We’re both at about the same point on our path.  I have not completed the written test yet (planning on September) and am also using the IE products.  He has Dynamips humming along on a Linux box(judging by his URL, he knows a thing or two about Linux), something that I need to get around to doing as well.  Welcome to the fold CCIE Journey.

CCIE Quest (Service Provider Track) – Amp runs this blog and has decided to take on the ambitious goal of becoming a double CCIE.  He recently made the choice to pursue the Service Provider CCIE track first and then pursue the Routing and Switching track after that.  Amp currently works for a Service Provider in Cary, North Carolina so the SP track is a natural fit.  He’s currently studying for the Service Provider written exam.  If you’re pursueing the SP track do yourself a favor and take a look at his blog.

CCIE Notes – CCIE Notes is another new CCIE blog.  The first posts are from August.  I don’t know much about this blogger other than he is based in Mumbai, India and appears to be studying for the Routing and Switching path. – Djerk Geurts runs this blog.  He’s based in the Netherlands and works for an English ISP.  Djerk is in the final stages of getting his Routing and Switching CCIE.  He’s going to take a crack at the lab on 28 September.  He has some informative and depressing entries about the difficulty of booking the CCIE lab.  His blog is also the longest-running of the current CCIE blogs – dating back to late 2005. 

Chronicles of CCIE Journey – CCIE Chronicles is a brand new Routing and Switching CCIE blog.  Barooq is currently working in the Middle East and pursuing the CCIE.  He’s in the intial stages of study.

Becoming A CCIE– This is Alexandre Ribeiro’s blog.  Alexandre is a Systems Architect located in Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal.  Here’s how he describes himself:

I’m a geek, a tech head, call it whatever you want. I’m really happy when I’m solving complex technical issues. I’m working at a large multinational company, in the R&D department, designing network management systems for large-scale telecom operators. Right now I’m having the time of my life 😀

He set a goal to become a CCIE and has already completed his CCNA and CCNP certifications.  He’s using Internetwork Expert materials to study for the CCIE.  If you’re working on the CCIE written, you should check out his MPLS VPN tutorial.

A Networker Blog– Across the border from Alexandre is Spanish blogger Victor Cappuccio.  Victor’s blog is a must read.  I have seen his posts in Group Study and he is a very well regarded network engineer.  He is currently working as an instructor for Global Knowledge Spain and as a content developer and instructor for CCBootcamp (NLI).  Be sure to check out his technology summaries at the top of the blog.  These are outstanding tools for review.

I Should Have Gone With Cisco – This is Ted Romer’s Blog.  Ted currently works for Cisco Systems in their Remote Operation Services group (ROS) in Austin, Texas.  He has taught Cisco CCNP and CCNA classes to college students.  He is currently pursuing the CCIE in Routing and Switching, but is going to tackle the CCVP (he’ll get plenty of VoIP experience with ROS) first.  This may mean that CCIE posts will be limited for now, but definitely check out his blog as he has a lot of really good post.  Judging from the quality of his posts, I’d venture that he’s a very good teacher as well.

My CCIE Training Guide– From Texas we jump over to Israel where Shiran Guez has been blogging about his quest for the Routing and Switching CCIE since December of last year.  He has a lot of good posts and most of them are broken down by technology so they are a good way to supplement your CCIE studies. 

Cisco Learning Blog – Cisco Learning Blog is authored by an engineer in Germany.  He recently landed a new job and it looks like this company is going to back his quest to obtain his CCIE.  He is using Internetwork Expert and Dynamips.  His latest blog entry details some of the features not supported in Dyanmips switching.

Xcke’s Blog– Okay, this one is a bit of a niche blog.  But if you can read Hungarian, then Xcke has a CCIE blog for you.  He passed the CCNP a year ago, and is now pursuing the CCIE.  If he achieves that goal he’ll become one of only a few dozen CCIEs in Hungary.

Mysecretofsuccess’s Weblog  – This is a newer CCIE blog.  The blogger is using Dynamips and Internetwork Expert materials to attain the CCIE.  The last post was from mid-September and is a pronouncement to never again sleep more than three hours a night while pursuing the CCIE.

IT Leak–  The blogger(s?) at IT Leak has just begun the path to attaining the CCIE.  Stop by for the great mind maps and stick around for the humorous writing style.  You have to like a CCIE blog with a “tasteless humor” category.  🙂

Connect and Explore– This may not officially be a CCIE blog…yet.  This blogger lays out his plan for Cisco certification (the plot to take over the world referenced in the byline is – sadly – not disclosed 🙂  )

In the end perhaps the most important thing which draws me to Cisco is the exclusivity of the CCIE. Being an achiever and a  goal oriented person I just love a challenge and this just might be the ultimate one. I have already seen the CCIE blueprint and have made a great plan, pass CCNP and CCIP in 2008 (QOS, MPLS, BGP all needed in R&S CCIE) and the written in 2009 plus hopefully have a try at the lab by the end of 2009. Attainable? Probably! These are revised dates from what I was planning a couple of months ago and there will probably be more revisions as it is no easy task.

Inevitable  – I would be completely remiss if I failed to mention Himawan Nugroho’s blog.  I’ve been aware of his excellent blog for quite awhile, but haven’t mentioned his blog here because he’s in a completely different league.  He recently passed his THIRD CCIE.  His first CCIE was in Routing and Switching and he got that back in 2001 (his CCIE number is Cisco 8171).  His blog is great though, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

NetworkGremlins (Saving the internet, one packet at a time…) – This blog is authored by Greg Oberfield, a network engineer working for a “(very) large phone company” in the Chicago area.  Greg is currently working towards the Service Provider CCIE and it looks like he’s using Internetwork Expert materials along with a sweet Dynamips setup:

…the new server for Dynamips should be arriving shortly.  It’s a 1U, Intel Core 2 quad-core machine with 4GB of memory and hardware RAID1.  That should be more than sufficient for everything I want to pound into it from a processor perspective.

He has recently set up a lab with a combination of Dynamips and real equipment.  If you’re working on the SP track or you are trying to integrate Dynamips with live equipment, then this blog is going to be a good resource.

Routereflector’s Weblog– This is a pretty new blog (first entry 07 November).  Routereflector is scheduled to take the Routing and Switching lab in April and is using the Internetwork Expert End-To-End program as study material.  He also has put together his own lab.  The blog has a lot of daily updates with a lot of good information (especially for those using the IE labs).  Routereflector’s reason for blogging is similar to mine:

This blog will hopefully be of use to other aspiring CCIE’s.  I’ve found that writing this blog helps focus my studies, it also makes me feel guilty when I don’t want to revise as I won’t have anything to write on the blog. 

CCIE Lab Preparation  – I came across this blog in September, but forgot to put it in the last CCIE Blog posting.  This blogger is set to take the Routing and Switching lab in February in Brussels.  He is currently working through the Internetwork Expert Volume II labs.  He has a nice page that has links to topics in the DOCHe recently changed his practice lab strategy:

For the next month or so I am going to change my approach to the workbook labs. Instead of trying to finish a complete lab within 8-12 hours my aim is to complete the core sections instead and work on my understanding and speed.

I will definitely be hitting this site quite a bit as I follow in his footsteps through the Volume II labs.

Turgon’s Blog at– While not technically a blog, Turgon is documenting his progress towards the CCIE Routing and Switching lab in a forum at  He’s been posting there since May of this year, so there’s a lot of good information.  Here’s some background on Turgon:

I passed the CCNA in October 1999 and took the CCIE written in 2001. I have followed groupstudy for many years since then and did a lot of prepartion for the lab in 2002. However my commitments at work and the commuting I was doing rendered it unrealistic for me to continue my preparations so I wound them down in 2003 and concentrated on my work. I have been doing network design for a number of years and I’m now ramping up to complete my lab prep and do that first CCIE lab attempt in Brussels later this year. I finished my written exam in April so it’s full steam ahead now, evenings and weekends preparing.

It looks like he is using IPexpert’s workbook.  The forum format is interesting because there seems to be quite a bit of feedback from other forum posters.


  1. Another blog for your list. 😉


    Comment by Turgon — November 13, 2007 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

  2. […] Fresh Batch Of CCIE Blogs Filed under: CCIE Blogs, Cisco, Cisco Certification — cciepursuit @ 5:08 pm Tags: CCIE, CCIE Blogs, CCIE Lab, Certification, Cisco, Cisco Certification I recently predicted that I would soon be posting another batch of CCIE blogs.  Listed below are the newest blogs to join the growing list of CCIE blogs.  I have also created a page with a list of all of the blogs that I have posted about so far. […]

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  3. Hi, would you mind adding my blog to the list?

    It’s @, I am doing the R&S path and am just a month into my studies.
    Your blog is one of the reasons I decided it was a good idea to do mine because it gives me an opportunity to run over things an additional time, I also have to make sure something is correct before publishing it!

    I have linked up with to do the blog.

    Many thanks in advance


    Comment by Richard @ — February 1, 2008 @ 11:08 am | Reply

  4. another CCIE blog , i found it fantastic

    Comment by karam — August 24, 2008 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

  5. another link which i found so great

    Comment by karam — August 24, 2008 @ 1:27 pm | Reply

  6. Another link is here

    Comment by Wael — October 8, 2008 @ 2:36 am | Reply

  7. Back to basics:

    Shooting for my CCIE. I’ve always believed the best way to learn is to teach.
    I’m putting together articles and tutorials about topics in the CCIE R&S Blue-Print as I go through them.
    Only have one as of yesterday, two days after starting my new blog site and committing to passing both parts of the Exam.

    This is a fairly obvious search for a (same interest) audience to share my journey with, and maybe get some feedback as I try to re-teach what I have learned.


    Comment by Viet Hoang — March 16, 2009 @ 12:04 am | Reply

  8. To: CCIE Professionals

    We have received a demand of CCIE certified professionals for different projects that our customer is undertaking in the Middle East, Europe and USA.

    They require CCIE resources mainly in Security, Voice and R&S domains.

    You can send your resumes at & expect a call as soon as the panel of experts has short listed the most appropriate candidates.

    Thanks & regards,
    Matina J.

    Comment by Matina J. — April 26, 2009 @ 4:20 am | Reply

  9. I would like to add the CCIE FLyer to this list.
    The CCIEFLYER is an online magazine with a focus on Cisco Certified engineers and those in pusuit of this certification. The Flyer is published monthly to a global community of highly respected professionals.
    Also read for exclusive pricing for CCIE R/S and Voice BootCamps.

    Comment by Dan Conde — September 25, 2009 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

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