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April 5, 2007

Read The Fine Print

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So I’ve built my CCIE lab at work (more on that later) and the only thing that I’m missing is an octal cable so that I can use one of the routers as an access server.  I went on eBay and found a number of octal cables for sale.  Most of them ran about $30 including shipping (and most were shipping from Hong Kong).  I ended up using “Buy It Now” to nab one for $25 with free shipping.

Unfortunately I did not read the auction description closely at all.  The picture showed an octal cable with eight RJ45 ends, but the auction stated (in multiple locations) that this was an octal cable with DB25 ends.

The cable arrived today.  After checking the auction and confirming that I am a bonehead, I was left with three options:

1) Order a new octal cable
2) Order 8 DB25 to RJ45 adapters
3) Try to convert the DB25 cables to RJ45s

The downsides to each option are:

1) At least $25 more dollars and a week to receive.
2) Cost comes to about $30.  It would be cheaper to buy an RJ45 octal cable.
3) By hacking apart the DB25 cable, I might end up with need to go with option 1 and not being able to resell the DB25 cable.

The most sensible option is to simply order/bid on another octal cable and to try to resell the DB25 cable.  This would only end up costing me a few extra bucks, some time, and a little bit of pride.

Since option 2 is not financially prudent and would not net me any extra time, which just leaves me pondering option 3.  After last weekend’s cable building party (more on that later) I am pretty confident in my abilities to convert these cables.  I just need to find out if this is possible and if there is a pin out available.  I am currently searching the Internet for any descriptions of how to convert the DB25 connectors to RJ45s.

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