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March 11, 2008

Another Fresh Batch of CCIE Blogs

I’m finally posting my oft-promised 🙂 list of CCIE blogs.  I broke the blogs down into three categories: CCIE Candidates (blogs by people working towards CCIE certification or have recently attained the CCIE), CCIE Specific (blogs that are not written by candidates but are focused on the CCIE), and Cisco General (blogs posting about more general Cisco topics, but still containing good information for CCIE candidates).  Here is the latest batch:


CCIE In 3 Months – Is It Possible?

This blog is run by a recently minted Routing and Switching CCIE who undertook a Herculean task (doubly apt since the blogger is Greek like Heracles) of passing the CCIE lab exam in 3 months from start to finish.   Tassos (CCIE #19858)is an Athenian blogger who recently completed the CCIE Routing and Switching track in three months.  Although he now has his number, he’s still posting and there are a ton of great posts (especially concerning study/lab strategy) in his archive.  His post about his lab experience is an absolute must read.
Becoming A Cisco CCIE Network Ninja

I posted about Arden’s blog earlier, this is an excerpt from that entry:

Arden has what I would consider a dream job: he’s a Senior Technical Instructor in beautiful Melbourne, Australia (#2 on a very short list of countries I would love to live in).  He has been pursuing the Routing and Switching CCIE since July of last year and it using Internetwork Expert materials.  He’s set to take the lab in May.  As you would expect from a professional instructor, his site has a wealth of well written training material from a QoS Mindmap to  using NBAR and QoS to filter websites to setting up backup interfaces.

I’m very honored to have made his Top 6 CCIE Blogs of 2007 list.  But even without this accolade I would wholeheartedly recommend his site to CCIE candidates and anyone else wanting to become a Cisco ninja. 

Arden has just started his final preparation for his lab attempt.

Richard Bannister’s CCIE Blog
My CCIE Quest – Supported by Findel PLC

Richard Bannister is a 23 year old CCIE candidate from Lancashire, England.  Richard is currently studying for the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam.  You can check out his study plan.  In the process of his studies he has posted a lot of very detailed notes to his blog.  His notes are well worth reading, especially the excellent network  diagrams and flow charts.  I really like his flow chart for BGP path selection.
Just Another Cisco Certification Candidate Blogging The Journey

This blog is written by a network engineer for a Health Care and Health Services provider in Las Vegas, NV.  The blog covers his journey through the CCNP and hopefully the IE R&S, as well as any related work stuff.  That journey is made a little more interesting in that he currently works in a Foundry shop

Sesano’s CCIE Dream
Just Another CCIE Blogger On

Sesan (actually Olusesan Ogunsakin) is a Senior Software Test/Verification engineer based in Ottawa, Canada.  “Obtaining CCIE is my plan this year. Even though I really do not need it to work or secure a job but I believe having it will bring technical credibility and also open new doors of opportunity.”

Kevin Dorrell’s CCIE Study Weblog

Kevin Dorrell is a Luxembourg-based blogger pursuing the Routing and Switching CCIE.  He is using the NMC materialsto study for the Routing and Switching lab.  His postings are very detailed and beneficial for candidates regardless of their chosen vendor.

He is compiling a list of IOS “gotchas”  He only has one written up so far, but it’s very useful as it’s something that I was completely unaware of concerning the order of operations with PPPoFR

CCIE, The Everest Quest
Yet Another CCIE Blog

Lessaid is a 27 year old, French, self-described geek.  He is working on attaining the CCIE before his 30th birthday and his blog will document his progress.  Lessaid had set up a very cool (and complete) CCIE blog RSS aggregation site.

write.mem.reload   (Security)
If All Else Fails…Reload!

This cleverly titled blog CCIE Security track using IPexpert materials.  The blog has gone quiet since the blogger attempted the lab in September of last year.  I’m hoping that the silence just means that the blogger is too busy with studies and not because he’s stopped chasing the Security CCIE.

das CCIE rennen (The CCIE Race)  (Voice – German)
ein CCIE ist geschaft .. nun geht es weiter …

Austrian blogger Rainer Rudigier hosts this German language blog.  He has already completed his Routing and Switching and is now pursuing the Voice CCIE track.  If you’re working on the VOice CCIE und Sie verstehen Deutsch, then you should check out Rainer’s blog.  Unfortunately my German is limited to bits of lyrics from EBM groups.  🙂

My CCIE Security Venture!  (Security)

Josh Jones authors this CCIE Security blog.  “I am 26, married with two wonderful children. I started this blog to keep track of my CCIE study habits and hopefully help others out wishing to pursue the CCIE security.”  He’s a busy dude as he works two jobs “I work for a local county government as a Senior Security Analyst and I also own my own security consulting company called Secure Midwest LLC.”

Josh is using IPexpert materials to pursue the Security CCIE.  He recently took a month off to decide between an MBA or the CCIE.


Internetwork Expert’s CCIE Blog
Helping You Become A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Internetwork Expert is one of the “core four” CCIE vendors.  Right after Christmas last year they launched a new CCIE preparation blog.  The blog is authored by three CCIEs with 11 CCIE certifications between them: Brian Dennis (CCIEx4), Brian McGahan (CCIEx3), and Petr Lapukhov (CCIEx4).  That’s a lot of brainpower and it shows in the quality of the posts. 

There was an initial concern that this blog would simply be another means of advertising Internetwork Expert products.  Sixty-plus high quality posts has put this concern to bed.  This is one of my “must read” blogs.


The byline says it all: A blog about Cisco product updates, sample configs, technology explanations and certification assistance. This blog is hosted by Joe Harris, CCIE# 6200.

6200 Networks is a nice mixture of all things Cisco.  While not dedicated solely to the CCIE (or certification in general) it is a very good read.  A cool feature is a trivia feature where you can email your answer to be entered into a monthly drawing for a free iTunes or Starbucks gift card.  Click here for the most recent one.

Topics In Complex Networking And All Things Cisco is a collection of knowledge, observations, and studies of various topics in the field of enterprise IT communications, applications, and networking.  Brad Hedlund (CCIE #5530) created this site as “a tool to enhance my own ongoing studying and occupational knowledge. Rather than keeping my own private notes I have decided to make this content available to the general interested public.”  Brad is an old school CCIE (he’s been certified for over 8 years) who is gearing up to take the written exam to recertify.

This is a very well written blog.  I really like some of the real world horror stories like this one concerning VTP.

Colin McNamara – CCIE 18233 , RHCE, GCIH, CCVP, GEEK

Colin McNamara is a San Diego blogger who currently works as a “Senior Engineer, focusing on Advanced Technologies with Eplus Technology, a publicly traded technology employing 18 CCIE’s as principle consultants with 31 CCIE certifications between them.”  That’s a lot of Cisco brainpower! 

While this blog is not geared towards CCIE certification specifically, there are a lot of good posts.  I really like this post explaining why BGP knowledge is coveted in enterprise networks

Configure Terminal
Technical Resources For The Networking Professional is the website for a company was founded in 2003 by CCIE David Bombal and offers expertise in training, software development, network design and network consulting. Although it’s not really a blog, has a number of free resourcesthat will help you get your head around the topics in the CCIE lab. 

That’s it for now.  I’m sure that I’ll be posting another batch of CCIE blogs very soon.

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