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June 22, 2009

CCIE 3.0 Lab Seats Nearly Gone

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The price I pay for procrastination.  I looked at the CCIE lab scheduler a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see tons of open dates available before the new 4.0 lab kicks in on 18 October.  There were no dates outside of the 90 day “shit or get off the pot” cutoff, but plenty extending into September.

Today I checked again(I’ve been on a short family vacation for the last week) and there are very few remaining US dates left before the version change:

San Jose – 9 dates (latest is 14 July) and 20 seats left.
5 dates (latest is 10 July) and 16 seats left.

Great.  Now I have to decide whether or not I will take another shot at the 3.0 lab or wait until October and try the 4.0 lab.  I have the money available, but getting time off from work will be difficult.  If I take the 4.0 lab I will need to learn the new technologies as well as face the troubleshooting portion of the lab.  If I take the 3.0 lab I won’t have much free time to devote to getting “fight ready”.  At least if I fail it I will still have half of the summer to drown in my sorrows.  🙂


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