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May 25, 2009

Internetwork Expert: Core Knowledge Podcast

Internetwork Expert has begun broadcasting streaming Internet radio feeds.  The first of these feeds is now available as a podcast.  You can get more information and download the podcast here.

Anthony Sequeira hosts this session and covers the Core Knowledge section of the lab exam.  He touches on the different types of questions that you might receive, various aspects of the section itself, as well as offering some suggestions for study materials and methods.  It’s a good podcast and definitely worth a listen before you sit the lab exam.

There were some very interesting bits about the Core Knowledge Questions themselves:

  • You will not be able to go the proctor for guidance or clarification.
  • Cisco says that the typical response will be 4 to 5 words.
  • Some students’ feedback suggests that “if you type in a novel, the proctors will not bother to read it.”
  • INE suggests, “Don’t type in more than a single paragraph.”
  • The Core Knowledge section seems to be graded locally(by your exam proctors). [The lab exam is always graded by a different set of proctors than the ones in the room with you.]
  • If you fail the Core Knowledge section, but pass the lab – you CANNOT request a reread.  If you fail the lab portion then
    you can request a reread, which includes your Core Knowledge questions…which you will have had to have passed in order to get the reread. <-this one makes my head hurt.
  • The lab section has been reduced to 79 points.
  • Proctors are creating new questions all of the time, so the likelihood of leaked questions being on your exam are minimal.

A lot of this is news to me.  Some of it is counter-intuitive(and maddening). Especially the bit about not being able to request a reread if you fail the lab solely due to the Core Knowledge section and not being able to clarify questions with the proctors.  I do like the fact that these questions are being graded the proctors and that Cisco is building a large pool of questions to counteract lab dumps.


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  1. Why cisco was not added Core Knowledge section to part CCIE written? Because I think that good for candidate will not worry when the hard day?

    Comment by Sanon — May 25, 2009 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

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