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January 15, 2009

IPexpert: Will IPexpert Begin Offering Cisco 360 Training?

I received an interesting tweet from a new Twitter account today:

Get ready for the IPexpert Training, Inc. announcement coming soon! Authorized CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCIE R&S 360 – and more!

This piqued my interest because of a tweet earlier this month from IPexpert’s CEO Wayne Lawson:

Looks like IPX is wanting to get into the 360 game.. Wonder how that will flow with the current customers and will they lose access

we might be able to do both….expect an announcement soon [Wayne’s response]

For those who don’t remember, the Cisco 360 training program is Cisco’s new, official CCIE (Routing and Switching (so far)) program.  It’s basically a rebranded version of NMC’s training program (with some added bells and whistles).  The biggest downside is that the training is very expensive and you must be a Cisco Learning Partner (Arden Packeer has a great explanation here).  Wayne Lawson seemed pretty underwhelmed by the whole deal in this post.  Does this recent announcement mean that IPexpert is joining the 360 training program?  More importantly, what will this mean for their current curiculum and customers?

Looking closely at the Twitter account you’ll see that it’s “IPexpert Training”.  The URL associated with that account also points to a new site (  Maybe this is IPexpert’s promised IPexpert University (focusing on non-CCIE training) and by “spinning off” this business segment they can maintain their current CCIE material as well as sell the Cisco 360 training through the new company?  This is pure speculation on my part.  I guess we’ll just need to wait for the upcoming announcement.

If IPexpert(Training) can “do both” then I’m not concerned about the move.  I would just hate to see their existing training get deep-sixed in the process.

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