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January 13, 2009

CCDE: Most Exclusive Cisco Certification

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After months of waiting, the results of the CCDE Beta practical exam are finally in.  Out of the 39 candidates (among them a number of the big-hitters in the CCIE world) only 3 ended up passing the lab.  As indicated earlier, the numbering system for the CCDE is unique, it looks like Cisco is going to use a four-digit year plus an incremental four-digit number for the CCDE numbering system:

20080001 – Ryan Hicks
20080002 – Michael Morris
20080003 – Reinhold Fischer

You’ll probably recognize Michael Morris’ name as he writes for NetworkWorldIPexpert has snapped up Ryan Hicks (they have posted his biography as well) and he is helping them develop their upcoming CCDE course.

Congratulations to the first CCDEs.  With an 8% passing rate among some of the biggest Cisco brains, I’m certainly not putting this certification on my to-do list any time soon.  🙂

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