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December 11, 2008

IPexpert: $100,000 Training Christmas Giveaway

If you’ve been a good CCIE candidate this year (that takes me out of the mix) then IPexpert wants to be your Santa Claus.  IPexpert will be giving away $100,000 worth of free training starting today and running through midnight on Christmas Eve (24 December).  Wayne Lawson gives you the details:

I just left a meeting with our sales team (literally – 15 minutes ago) – and have laid out over 20 year-end discounts, product specials and numerous product giveaways.  How can you participate in Santa’s CCIE Handout?! – Follow us on Twitter and Facebook (and keep an eye on this blog! – I’d RSS it if I were you!).  We’ve got over $100,000.00 in holiday gifts (free CCIE training materials) ready to distribute!  What’s the catch?….well – the only catch is that you must believe in Santa! 😉  Watch us, Follow us and Monitor our groups / sites / pages and respond as outlined in our blogs, posts or “tweets” and you may be one of the lucky ones!  Santa’s CCIE Handout will begin today – December 11th at 5 PM EST and will end December 24th at midnight!  Good Luck to everyone that participates!

Here’s to a great year in 2008 – meeting a large number of clients and CCIEs (at Networkers and via various social outlets), and here’s to your success in 2009 – I sincerely hope that IPexpert can be a part of your success!

To participate in Santa’s CCIE Handout – make sure you’re a member or a follower of the following groups, accounts or blogs!

IPexpert did a similar series of giveaways earlier this year when the Blended Learning Solution rolled out.  If you want to grab some free CCIE training swag keep an eye on the feeds listed above.

Props to IPexpert for making Internetwork Expert’s blog their blog of the month.  An end to the vendor wars?  Peace on earth?

Lab Tip: Check For Redistribution On A Device

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This can be done by many methods, but prefer to use “show run | i router|redist” to see if there is any redistribution currently on the device.  Since all routing processes include the term “router” and all redistributions include…well “redistribution”, this command will show you which – if any – redistributions are currently configured on a device:

Rack1R6(config)#do sh run | i router|redist
router eigrp 10
router ospf 100
redistribute connected subnets route-map CONN->OSPF

In this case we can see that we are redistributing connected routes into OSPF using a route-map.  Good to know before beginning mutual redistribution.

Rack1R5#sh run | i router|redist
router eigrp 100
router ospf 100

In this case we can see that there is no redistribution currently occurring on this device.

I run through this check any time I am about to configure redistribution.  I also note any redistributions on my lab topography, but it’s always good to “measure twice, cut once” 🙂

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