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November 4, 2008

IPexpert: End-of-the-Year Price Drops

The $999 Blended Learning Solution is back…for a couple of months anyways.  IPexpert has announced that they are slashing prices for Routing and Switching, Voice, Service Provider, and Security tracks.  The BLS is now $999 (even less if you are a Cisco employee). 

IPexpert has also slashed the cost of a single rack rental session (7.75 hours) from $35 to $20 (cheaper if you book more sessions).


NetMasterClass: Cisco 360 Roadmap Published

It’s election day in the US today.  I took the day off from work (not a national holiday here) and am off to the polls in a few minutes.  I have some rack time booked after that.  So today will be filled with civic duty and CCIE studies.  🙂  I’ll bring back the question of the day tomorrow.  Props to nemith for absolutely nailing the answer to the last QoD.

NetMasterClass has a page up on their site with more details about the new Cisco 360 CCIE training.  They have posted a roadmap for that program.  The program runs 26 weeks (6 months) and is split up into 3 distinct phases.  The roadmap lists the learning objectives and activities for each phase.  If you’re interested in participating in the 360 program, then definitely go take a look at the information that NetMasterClass has posted.

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