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October 28, 2008

Question Of The Day: 28 October, 2008

Given the following configuration on a 3560 switch:

interface FastEthernet0/1
 switchport access vlan 101

You are tasked with ensuring that all communications are stopped on this port if the spanning-tree protocol is detected on this port.

Yesterday’s QoD:

Which QoS service model requires that the application request a specific kind of service from the network via explicit signaling before sending data?
Here are the results:
Answer %
Integrated Service 74%
Differentiated Service 26%
Best-Effort Service 0%
Port-Level Service 0%

The answer: Integrated Service

When you see integrated service you should associate it with RSVP.

Integrated Service
Integrated service is a multiple service model that can accommodate multiple QoS requirements. In this model the application requests a specific kind of service from the network before it sends data. The request is made by explicit signaling; the application informs the network of its traffic profile and requests a particular kind of service that can encompass its bandwidth and delay requirements. The application is expected to send data only after it gets a confirmation from the network. It is also expected to send data that lies within its described traffic profile.

The network performs admission control on the basis of information from the application and available network resources. It also commits to meeting the QoS requirements of the application as long as the traffic remains within the profile specifications. The network fulfills its commitment by maintaining per-flow state and then performing packet classification, policing, and intelligent queuing based on that state.


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