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October 20, 2008

IPexpert: CCIE Blog Launched

IPexpert has launched the long awaited CCIE Blog.   You can create your own blog hosted on CCIE Blog, read the blogs already hosted there (including Arden Packeer’s excellent blog), or add the RSS feed for your already-existing blog to the site. 

The site is live as well as a new IPexpert Blog.

IPexpert has created this blog site as an effective means to expand its dialogue with the IT training community. Through this blog, we hope to introduce a level of candor and connectedness throughout our organization, with open communications to those interested in participating at any level.

Our company is comprised of real people with families and goals, working hard to help you achieve your goals for your families as well. We invite you to get to know us – all of us – through this blog and the many other ways we make ourselves available to you.

Question Of The Day: 20 October, 2008

Yesterday’s QoD:

Which of the following OSPF stub areas does not generate a default route by…well default?

Here are the results:

Answer %
not-so-stubby area 55%
stub area 18%
not-so-totally-stubby area 16%
total stub area 11%

The answer: not-so-stubby area

The not-so-stubby area is the only one of the four OSPF stub areas that does not generate a default route.  You can override this default behaviour with the ‘area x nssa default-originate’ command and force the generation of a default route.

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