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October 3, 2008

The CCIE Kicked My Ass and Stole My Girlfriend

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The Cisco score report was in my inbox this morning (it came in around midnight).  After about 15 minutes of trying to remember my username, password, certification ID, written score and date…I was treated to:

Thank you for taking the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam. We regret to inform you that your test performance did not meet certification standards. Although you did not pass on this attempt, take pride in being among the few Internetworking engineers who have qualified to take Cisco Systems’ CCIE Certification Lab examination. This in itself is an accomplishment and we hope that you will continue to pursue your certification goal.

That’s what I expected.  What I didn’t expect was the score report.  I didn’t even come close.  My absolute weakest technology is Security.  I score 100% in that category.  J’adore l’absurde.  🙂

The score report does NOT give you a final grade.  You could estimate your final score if you knew the points for each section and multiplied them by the percentages.  I don’t remember the point totals, and am thankful for that as I really don’t want to know what my final score was.

I’m going to take a week or two off (one week to catch up at work and another to catch up at home) then I’ll jump back on the horse again.  I’m going to be completely screwed for time but I’m going to try again in January.  I will be attempting to read every bit of the Cisco documentation that I possibly can between now and then.  I don’t think that I’m violating the NDA by telling you that the test asks you to configure technologies based on descriptions of that technology.  As I stated, the configurations themselves were not difficult (probably about a 6 – 7 in IE ratings) but figuring out what the hell they wanted was very difficult (at least to me).

Oh well, I’m off to do some winery tours so I’ll at least be able to drink away some of the memory.  🙂  Actually, I’ve been pretty okay with the whole process.  After I left the lab I grabbed a Diet Mt. Dew from the Cisco breakroom and affixed my name tag to it.  That $1400 can of soda will be my inspiration for my next attempt.

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