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August 30, 2008

Dear Cisco: PLEASE Stop Fucking With Your Documentation

Whenever I need to build an AS-Path access-list I open the Cisco Regular Expressions documentation:

The regular expressions documentation is located in an odd corner of the DOC CD – under Terminal Services Configuration.  You may want to practice finding it a couple of times before your exam day:

12.4 Documentation Home ->
Configuration Guides ->
Cisco IOS Terminal Services Configuration Guide ->
Appendixes ->
Regular Expressions

So I went to the 12.4 Mainline Configuration Guide page and…..where the hell is the Cisco IOS Terminal Services Configuration Guide?  It’s nowhere to be found.  It was there at least as recently as 14 August, but – joy of joys – it’s gone now.

Thankfully it’s still (for how long?) present in the 12.3 Mainline Configuration Guides.  You have to play “Choose Your Own Adventure” with some links but you’ll eventually get to a 12.2 documentation page.

This was a pain in the butt during a practice lab, but it would have been a major stress-inducing moment during the actual lab.

I guess that the lesson here (other than “The Cisco Documentation team is of the devil”) is that you should probably verify that your favorite pieces of documentation are still there before you take the lab.  I would also make sure that you’re somewhat comfortable navigating older code documentation.

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