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August 19, 2008

Lab Tip: Entering Large Numbers

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In the lab (and in real life) you may need to enter values in bits per seconds.  This is especially prevalent in QoS tasks.  You want to be careful that you don’t configure everything correctly but lose points because you added or subtracted a zero from the value. 

In this example we are asked to police to 2.5Mbps.

r5(config-pmap-c)#police ?
  <8000-2000000000>  Bits per second
  cir                Committed information rate
  rate               Specify police rate

Converting 2.5Mbps to bps is easy.  If you’re extremely paranoid, you could open up the Windows calculator and multiply 2.5 by 1,000,000.  Either way you come up with 2,500,000 bits per second.

When entering this value into IOS I put spaces or commas to break up the string of digits.  That way it’s harder for me to add or miss a zero:

r5(config-pmap-c)#police 2 500 000


r5(config-pmap-c)#police 2,500,000

Then remove the spaces or commas.  That way you’re less likely to change your bits per second value by power of ten.

r5(config-pmap-c)#police 2500000

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