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August 10, 2008

Internetwork Expert Volume II: Lab 5 – Section 9

Section 9 – System Management – 6 Points

9.1 SNMP

This is a basic SNMP task.  You’ll see variations of this same task in nearly all of the IE Volume II labs.  The only possible “gotcha” requirements are:

“This ( is the only station that should be allowed to manage r6.”
“Attempts by other devices to manage r6 via snmp should be logged.”

Our ACL should look like this:

r6(config)#access-list 91 perm
r6(config)#access-list 91 deny any log

You need to add the explicit deny any statement in order to log traffic from sources other that the management station in the permit statement.

r6(config)#snmp-server community CISCORO ro 91
r6(config)#snmp-server community CISCORW rw 91

9.2 Syslog

This was an easy task as well.  The only slightly odd bit:

“r4 and r5 should include their hostname in the syslog messages.”

You can find this (as well as the commands for the other requirements) by just issuing “logg ?” in configuration mode:

r4(config)#logg ?
  origin-id            Add origin ID to syslog messages

logging origin-id

r4(config)#logg origin-id ?
  hostname  Use origin hostname as ID
  ip        Use origin IP address as ID
  string    Define a unique text string as ID

r4(config)#logg origin-id hostname


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