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August 2, 2008

Internetwork Expert Volume II: Lab 3 – Section 10

Section 10 – System Management – 6 Points

10.1  IOS Management

Configure r4 to be managed via HTTP:

Use TCP port 8080
Only permit access from the subnet
Authenticate users using local username WEB and the password CISCO
This password should be stored in the router’s configuration as an MD5 hash.

ip http server

r4(config)#username WEB secretCISCO
r4(config)#do sh run | i access-list|ip http|username WEB
username WEB secret 5 $1$lzG6$LoWdN/bOqK9kZtQZZieV//
ip http server
ip http port 8080
ip http access-class 69
ip http authentication local
access-list 69 permit

Cool verification: 

r4#sh ip http server status
HTTP server status: Enabled
HTTP server port: 8080
HTTP server authentication method: local
HTTP server access class: 69
HTTP server base path:
Maximum number of concurrent server connections allowed: 5
Server idle time-out: 180 seconds
Server life time-out: 180 seconds
Maximum number of requests allowed on a connection: 1
HTTP server active session modules: ALL
HTTP secure server capability: Present
HTTP secure server status: Disabled
HTTP secure server port: 443
HTTP secure server ciphersuite: 3des-ede-cbc-sha des-cbc-sha rc4-128-md5 rc4-128-sha
HTTP secure server client authentication: Disabled
HTTP secure server trustpoint:
HTTP secure server active session modules: ALL

10.2 File Management

Okay, this question completely mindfucked me.  Definitely read the breakdown on this task.  It combines an interesting bit of ROMMON magic with a neat trick with the alias command. 

10.3 Autoinstall

Autoinstall….another one of the technologies that I haven’t gotten around to playing with yet.  Another skipped task.  🙂  I did print out the PDF of the following page (all 54 pages 😦 ) and will review it later:

Using AutoInstall to Remotely Configure Cisco Networking Devices


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