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July 26, 2008

Touch Every Word

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Words to live by:

Most of us do this I think.  A candidate gave me some solid advice (I believe he got it from a class): touch every word.  Physically poke each word with your finger as you read.  It sounds retarded but it forces you to slow down and notice things like they specified the name of the ACL or some other arbitrary crap that would cause you to miss an entire task that you had otherwise done correctly.

I think this technique takes on more importance with tests like the CCIE lab because the people who take it (a little self-fel… ahem, back-patting here) are typically smart enough to skim non-technical things, and in fact get bored if they try to read carefully because most material is too easy.  Works great in meetings when it takes a group 10 minutes to agree that the meeting has started (and you’re already three articles into Slashdot on your crackberry), sucks on a technical lab exam.

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