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July 15, 2008

15 July – CCIE Quickies

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Internetwork Expert – IE has a page up with learning profiles for customers who passed the CCIE R&S lab using their products.  The five profiles show the products used, the approximate time spend studying, as well as (this is the part that interests me the most) the mock labs taken and the scores on those mock labs.  We were given some of this information in the Mock Lab Workshop.  The scores on the mock labs made me feel a lot better about my scores.  I’ll touch on this more when I (finally) get around to posting the rest of my Mock Lab Workshop review.

Graded Labs– Graded Labs is the vendor who manages IE’s rack rentals.  They’ve redesigned their webpage and have announced some upcoming improvements.  Brian Dennis mentioned that they will be letting you name your saved sessions soon (which is good because decoding ‘2008.07.14-S2-13.37-RSRACK13’ to ‘IP Multicast Basic ‘ is a bit rough).  They recently announced something that I suggested at the workshop (I’m sure they had the idea long before I brought it up):

Workbook Scaffolding – Currently in Development
Starting with the labs in Internetwork Expert’s Routing and Switching Workbook Volume 2, you will be able to one-click load the starting configurations for any task in the workbook. The purpose of this scaffolding is to increase your productivity by giving you the option to by-pass content that you have already mastered.

You will be able to load the configurations up to a certain section (task?) in a lab.  That way if you want to work on Multicast you can load the configuration prior to that section and start the lab from that point.  This is also great for when you get stuck.  You may have fat-fingered something and can’t troubleshoot it (I’ve done more than my share of that).  You can save out your configuration and then load the IE configuration and use that to find your problem.  This will also help out when people post issues in the forum.  They (or the forum mod) can load the configuration up to the previous section and then quickly address the task (instead of configuring the entire lab to that point).

Internetwork Expert Blog– Petr revisits a very popular post about private VLANs:

Due to the non-decreasing interest to the post about Private VLANs, I decided to make another one, more detailed – including a diagram and verification techniques.

Ethereal Mind – A nice ‘blessay’ (blog + essay?) is up concerning auto-negotiation and why you should be using it. 

Network World – Off topic, but funny/scary (depending what side of the fence you fall on).  I know that we’ve all wanted to pull a stunt like this, but 99.9999% of us are not ballsy/stupid enough to do it. (ht: cyberat)


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