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July 9, 2008

09 July – CCIE Quickies

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CCIE Candidate – Since Keith took so little time in whooping the lab’s butt, Ethan has brought on a new CCIE candidate to blog.  The new guy?  It’s Barooq from Chronicles of CCIE Journey.  He’s posted a nice tutorial on Fallback Bridging (still on my list of technologies to master).  Barooq has scheduled his lab for September, which likely means that THREE CCIE Candidate bloggers will have their digits before I make my first attempt.  🙂

My Etherealmind – Greg Ferro has a post up that gives a very thourough treatment of learning and IT. Highly recommended reading.

Cisco IOS Hints and Tips – Ivan has a followup on his recent post about letting his CCIE expire and the downward trend Cisco’s CCIE “after digits program”.  This post addresses the value of being a CCIE.

Internetwork Expert Blog – Petr discusses the history of 802.3x flow control.

Cisco Study Blog – Off topic, but still interesting.  A cautionary tale about Google adsense. 🙂


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  1. I have a couple of additional writers for on board, as well as Barooq. I’m hoping to see some good content coming from them as their time permits. I’ll be writing more, too. I’ve gotten a lot of good comments about the CCIE R&S Syllabus series I’ve begun, and will continue with that over the next couple of months.

    It’s been harder for me to write, as my motivation has dried up a bit, plus my job project load has increased by a TON. My solution has been to bring on more writers to the blog. It saves them the trouble of maintaining their own blog, and saves me the trouble of having to come up with fresh content all the time.

    Hopefully, that will work out for the long-haul.

    Comment by Ethan Banks — July 11, 2008 @ 8:49 am | Reply

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