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July 5, 2008

Lab On! Flight Booked – No Backing Out Now

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I had booked my lab for October 2 with the intention of moving it up.  After attending the recent IE Mock Lab Workshop, I decided to keep the October date.  I came out of the workshop more confident, but knowing that I still need a lot of work to get into a position where I can pass the lab on my first attempt.  Throw in the lack of any major R&S lab changes and the price of gasoline, the decision to not move up my date seems sensible.

My wife is coming with me.  We’ve given up a number of travel opportunities over the last 1.5 years with the purchase of a new house and my studies.  I talked her out of going to Reno with me, but she’s not missing San Francisco.  Especially if I fail the exam.  At least this way  eating $1400 is easier if you get a trip out of the deal.  I told her that I am going to be bundle of nerves before the exam.  I will be either ecstatic or suicidal afterwards.  She’s okay with either.  🙂

We’ll fly into SFO on Tuesday (the flight was a reasonable $300 per ticket) and my exam is in San Jose on Thursday.  I’m not going to bother studying those last few days other than to go over my notes a couple of times.  I’ve heard it said many times that the last few days before the exam are no time to be learning anything new.  I’m planning on hitting the wharf and some other tourist traps on Wednesday.  I plan on doing as much walking as possible and topping that off with some cardio that night.  Hopefully that will force my mind to sleep the night before my exam.

Of course, I did mange to screw up one thing when booking the trip.  I picked a flight back to Minneapolis leaving Sunday at 12:30………AM!!!  By the time I noticed my mistake, it was too late.  Not a big deal as this will save us one night in a hotel, but I really hate flying the red eye.

Anyhoo….now that the flight is booked my lab date feels much more ‘real’ to me.

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