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June 24, 2008

New Version Of CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs Out Soon

Back in April I posted about a new verison of CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Practical Studies) which would be coming out soon.

Do you have plans to release a new version of your book? I heard very good comments about it from a well known quintuple CCIE.

Thank you for the comment on my book. Unfortunately I couldn’t yet find the time to work on a new book. But good news is that Martin Duggan who worked with me on the first edition of the book is working in some additional lab exercise scenarios based on the current blueprint and it should come out within 1 to 2 months.


It looks like the first version of that new edition is out now.

CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Digital Short Cut)
Martin James Duggan
ISBN-13: 978-1-58705-789-2
ISBN-10: 1-58705-789-1

CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs (Digital Short Cut) presents you with two full lab scenarios in exam style format to echo the real eight-hour CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam. This publication gives you the opportunity to put into practice your own extensive theoretical knowledge of subjects in isolation to find out how they interact with each other on a larger complex scale.

An “Ask the Proctor” list of questions for each section helps provide clarity and maintain direction to ensure that you do not give up and check the answers if you find a task too challenging. After each lab, this Digital Short Cut lets you compare configurations and routing tables with the required answers. You also can run through a lab debriefing, view configurations, and cut and paste configs into your own lab equipment for testing and verification. The point scoring for each question lets you know whether you passed or failed each lab.

This extensive set of practice labs, which sells for hundreds of dollars elsewhere, helps you make sure you are fully prepared for the grueling CCIE lab exam experience.

Setting Up the Lab
Practice Lab 1
Ask the Proctor
Lab Debrief
Setting Up the Lab
Practice Lab 2
Ask the Proctor
Lab Debrief
Appendix A: Lab 1 Router and Switch Configuration Files
Appendix B: Lab 2 Router and Switch Configuration Files

I will not be dropping $80 on a PDF, but I’ll definitely be looking at the Cisco Advanced Services library for this one.  No word on when the hardcover edition comes out.

Internetwork Expert Mock Lab Workshop Review – Part I

Note: This is probably going to be a rambling description of my recent Internetwork Expert Mock Lab Workshop in Reno.  I’ll try to keep it semi-linear and throw in some tech content, but you’ve been warned.  🙂

After catching up on my sleep the night prior I wandered down to the training room at 7 am sharp.  There was a sign near the door that showed 7 am as the starting time for the training.  There was no one there at that time.  At this point I was starting to freak out a bit.  Maybe the Mock Lab Workshop was being held somewhere else.  When I signed up for the training it was being held at IE’s training headquarters.  I had actually booked a car and hotel for that area before receiving a pdf stating that the training was at the Grand Sierra.  The IE website showed the Grand Sierra as the location as well.  The sign outside the training room was for the CCIE Bootcamp.  I went back to my room and reviewed my emails.  I decided to pop back down around 8 am and if there was still no one there then I would call IE.

At 8 am there were about 5 people in the room.  I asked if this was the Mock Lab Workshop and was told ‘yes’.  I knew that IE was running a 12 day bootcamp at the same time as my class.  It turns out that the 12 day bootcamp is a traditional 5 day bootcamp followed by an extra weekend of training and then the Mock Lab Workshop.  So all but a handful of folks (like myself) had already been training for 7 days.

I got settled in.  As the IE flyer stated, you’ll need your own laptop with a wireless card.  As I stated earlier, I couldn’t load XP on my box (scratched media) so I loaded Ubuntu.  I was unable to get the wireless to work in the airport so it was now crunch time.  I did bring an older ThinkPad with me in case this failed, but the PCMCIA card in that sucker was B only.  I didn’t want to cut everyone’s access speed in half if I didn’t need to.  No worries as the Hardy Heron was up to the task.

There were about 20 students in the class.  There was a strong international representation as there were students from Germany, France, Switzerland, Columbia, Mexico, UAE, and Russia (I’m probably forgetting some).  There were quite a few ISPs represented as well as large enterprise firms and contractors.  From what I could gather, most of the students had not attempted the lab yet.  We did a brief introduction where we stated our name, experience, and lab date.  Most of the lab dates were in June or July.  There were a couple of students who were taking the lab shortly after the completion of this course.  Most of the students were very sharp, except for Tony.  Fuck Tony.  🙂

The class started around 9 am each day.  From 9 until 11(ish) we would go over the previous day’s mock lab.  Then around 11 (this time had to be flexible as the lab discussion ususally went long) we would take lunch and then come back and do an 8 hour mock lab.  A lot of the students took dinner after the mock lab completed and then came back to the training room to study some more or to shoot the shit and utilize the free wireless connection.  I quickly fell into a pattern of staying up late, then waking up in time to get to class (sometimes hitting the breakfast buffet before class).  I made it to the gym only one time (the first day).  You end up spending a good 16 hours in training (with breaks for lunch and dinner).

There was fresh fruit, coffee, juice, and pastries in the training room every morning.  Around noon they would add a bunch of soda.  Each student was given vouchers to use at the various shops and restaurants within the hotel.  You got $40 worth of vouchers per day ($15 for lunch and $25 for dinner, although you could combine them anyway you wanted).  The hotel had a decent cafe, a buffet (only made it there once, for breakfast), a “Johnny Rockets” hamburger bar, and a deli.  There were probably other places as well, but those are the ones that I remember.  The food is good, especially since I did not expect to be eating for free.  During the week a number of students left early for various reasons.  They generally gave away their unused vouchers.  This meant that even if you tried to burn up you vouchers on surf and turf every day, at the end of the week there was still a pile of vouchers left for the “survivors”.  I had actually planned to go with another guy to get sushi on the last night, but we still had about $300 worth of vouchers between a group of four, so we had surf and turf (two of the guys added extra lobster tails) with appetizers and deserts.  I was actually happy to get home and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after a week of the “high life”.  Although I wasn’t eating bad (pizza, donuts, etc.) as my desk-mate (Cisco SE from Iowa – he was much cooler that that description sounds 🙂 ) commented, “We’re burning about 3 calories per day.”  You were pretty much sitting, eating, or sleeping the entire time.  I did not leave the hotel during the entire five days.  Some of the bootcamp attendees did not leave the hotel for 12 days!

It’s a bad idea to post about arriving in Reno and your experience the night before if you want to maintain anonymity.  About 5 minutes into the class, someone asked me “I wonder who the blogger is?”.  I replied, “I don’t know, but I hear that guy is a douche.”  He quickly fingered me and in doing so agreed that I was a douche (which is true, but it usually takes more than a few seconds for someone to call me that).  The whole “Ethan Banks vs CertGuard” drama was in full effect at that time.  Everyone agreed that Ethan was getting shafted.  It was very cool that by the 2nd or 3rd day the issue was over and Ethan was back online.  I caught crap from Brian and others about the blog.  My favorite came from Mr. Cisco SE: “You write CCIEPursuit?  Wow.  I used to think that guy was some type of authority, but after meeting you I know better.”  Ouch.  True, but damn!

The class was taught by Brian Dennis (fresh off of getting his Voice CCIE) and Petr Lapukhov, whom you may know from his posts on the IE blog.  Brian McGahan was in Amsterdam (so we know which Brian chose the short straw).  Petr’s story is interesting.  He worked at a university in Moscow.  He’s an ABD (all but dissertation) PhD in Mathematics.  While studying for the CCIE, he emailed Brian Dennis and offered to fact-check the Volume II labs.  Petr is the one who put in all of the verification commands and output in those labs.  Brian realized that Petr was very smart so he called him in Moscow and offered him a job with IE.  Petr passed all 4 of his CCIEs in an 18 month time-frame!  The guy is brilliant, although he has some strange fixation with soup.  🙂

If you’ve listened to the ATCOD then you pretty much know Brian Dennis’ personality.  He’s pretty laid back and funny.  He’s also pretty devious when it comes to labs and practical jokes.  During the week that I was there Brian did most of the speaking.

Well, I have to get back to tacking the couple of hundred unread emails in my inbox.  I’ll post the rest of this over the week.

June 23, 2008

Internetwork Expert: No R&S CCIE Changes Announced at Networkers (so far)

The IE crew is in Orlando at Networkers.  During our class they kept mentioning to keep an eye out for announcements on Monday (from Cisco and IE).  Today, Brian Dennis blogged the following:

Well it looks like there isn’t going to be any “real” changes to the R&S CCIE lab coming anytime soon.  The only changes discussed here at Networks will be the possibility of having Frame Relay preconfigured.

The good news about the hardware is that it’s not going to change.  You can still expect to see six routers, four switches and three backbone routers.  The routers will remain 3825s and 3725s.  The switches will also stay the same (3560s and 3550s).

—Read The Rest Here—

This is good news, except that I am strong in Frame Relay, so if they do preconfigure Frame Relay, then I’ll need to make those points up elsewhere.  I don’t know if this announcement is the same as the rumored August announcement, so there may still be some changes coming down the pike.

For those of you pursuing the Security track, the expected changes are being announced.  The other Brian (McGahan) posted the following about the Security changes:

I will be making a more detailed post later today about the changes, but in a nutshell the following changes are coming:

* PIX Firewall – Removed
* VPN 3000 Concentrator – Removed
* New Routers – 3800s running 12.4T
* New Switches – 3560s running 12.2(x)SE
* New ASA Software – Version 8.x
* IPS 4215 Replaced With IPS 4240
* New IPS  Software – Version 6.x

—Read The Rest Here—

I took today off to recuperate from last week’s training and travel.  The training really rejuvenated me.  Consequentially, I booked some rack time today and will be ignoring the absolutely beautiful day and starting my crawl through the Volume II labs.

By the way, if you’re at Networkers and you see Brian Dennis go ahead and tickle him under the chin and yell “WING DING COCONUTS!!!” then run away.  He LOVES that.  Now it may seem that he’s confused or not amused by this AND he may call security or punch you, but do not let that stop you.  🙂

IPExpert: Free Drinks and Wings Networkers Party

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If you’re in Orlando for Networkers (or for any reason I guess) tonight (Monday, 23 June) IPExpert is throwing a party with product giveaways and free drinks and wings.

* Drinks and Wings are on us!
* Come hang out with other CCIEs and CCIE candidates
* Meet IPexpert Instructors
* Free shuttle service to and from the Convention Center and the party location!

We WILL Give Away All These GREAT PRIZES:

* Eight (8) CCIE “End-to-End” All-Inclusive Training Programs ($10K+ value each!)
* Ten (10) of IPexpert’s NEWLY-RELEASED Blended Learning Solutions ($1600+ value each!)
* Five (5) CCIE 5-Day Boot Camp seats ($5000+ value each!)


Monday Night (June 23) – Starts at 8:00pm

First 50 in the door are guaranteed a prize!

You’ll need to surf over to this page and RSVP.  Offering free drinks and wings to a bunch of geeks might end up being a budget busting expense.  🙂

June 22, 2008

Cisco “Unofficially” Changes My Life

At the IE Mock Lab Workshop last week (I will get some blog entries up about this over the next few days) it was interesting how many CCIE candidates intended to get more than one CCIE.  For me, this has always been a ‘one and done’ pursuit.  The amount of time and toil that this has required has pretty much made this the toughest thing that I’ve ever done (educationally).  But now Josh at the Internetwork Expert blog drops this:

After speaking with multiple Cisco employees within the wireless group, the Wireless CCIE has been confirmed. Beta candidate registration should begin this fall, along with a blueprint release. Beginning early 2009 the Wireless CCIE beta testing will begin! As of now, topics of the test are expected to cover all aspects of wireless from design through implementation including the implications of security, routing and switching and voice technologies. Check back often for any additional information!

I love wireless networking.  At my previous position, wireless networking (a few thousand “fat client” 1240s administered by a WLSE device) was about 50% of my job, but it was my favorite part.  I’ve always said that if there were an independent wireless certification track announced, that I would be all over it.  It looks like I will be attempting at least two CCIEs.  For now I have to pass my R&S lab, then I need to formulate a way to tell my wife that I want to get a second CCIE.  The former might turn out to be easier than the latter.  🙂

June 17, 2008

Network World Retracts Article Accusing Ethan Banks of Cheating

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Today Network World replaced the article by CertGuard accusing Ethan Banks of cheating on his CCIE written exam:

Network World and the authors have decided to remove this blog post and the discussion that followed. While the original post was intended to highlight how the issue of braindumps is a pervasive one, we regret having singled out anyone in particular and apologize for any accusations of cheating.

Thank you Network World for doing the right thing.  Hopefully we will see Ethan’s site coming back online pretty soon.

June 16, 2008

In Reno for Mock Lab Workshop

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I’m in Reno for the Internetwork Expert Mock Lab Workshop which begins tomorrow.  Actually, it could have begun today if my personal losing streak had come to an end.  A couple of weeks ago IE contacted me and advised that they were offering a free day of training to those who could make it to Reno by 9 am on Sunday.  My flight was scheduled to arrive in Reno at 11:30.  I couldn’t get any earlier flights.  Michael at IE said that was not a problem.  The training would break for lunch until 12:30 so just try to get there by then and you can sit the second half of the training.

The training is in the Grand Sierra Resort.  This hotel is located about 5 minutes from the airport.  There are free shuttles leaving from just outside of the baggage claim area at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour.  My flight was about 15 minutes late and I had to wait for my luggage.  Still, I walked through the front door of the hotel right at 12:30.  I was told that I could not check in yet, and I told the man that was okay but is there an area where I can leave my bag.  He went to check and then came back and told me that he could check me into my room.  That’s not really what I wanted to do, but it would save me some time later.  After checking in, I asked where the IE training was.  He told me that it was in the Cascade Room.  He told me that it was on the 10th floor and that I should look for the letter M on the elevator.  WTF?  I was already late so I jumped on the elevator.  I dropped off my suitcase in my room on the 8th floor and then jumped back into the elevator to get to floor 10…or ‘M’.  There was no letter M (although there was a C) so I went to the 10th floor.  I walked every inch of this floor and did not see any meeting rooms.  I asked a hotel worker where the Cascade room was and he told me that it was on the Mezzanine level.  That explained the ‘M’.  He also told me that certain elevators did not stop at this floor.  That explained why I did not see the letter M in the elevator.  That still did not mean that the 10th floor was the same floor as the Mezzanine.

I got on the correct elevator and saw a sign proclaiming “CCIE Bootcamp” (IE is running a 10 day bootcamp this week as well) outside of a room.  I popped in and saw a handful of students but no instructors.  It was just after 1 pm at this point.  I waited outside the room a bit and walked the hallway.  I popped back in again but no instructors.  I decided to head back to my room.

I was starving so I ordered some room service.  I decided to just unwind and get some studying done.  I was working on 3 hours of sleep and was travel weary.

The rooms at the Grand Sierra (and the whole hotel) have seen better days.  They are spacious and comfortable, but look like they really miss the 70s.  The view isn’t exactly breathtaking.  🙂  The rooms are a good value for the price (about $70/night).  There are a couple of downsides though.  Internet access is offered, but only via a wired connection and for $12.95 for 24 hours.  My company is footing the bill, but it’s pretty lame that they don’t offer free and/or wireless Internet access.  The other downside is that although they have a decent gym on site, it’s not free.  You can pay $10/day or $30/7 days to use it.  Oh well, at least I saved money by not needing to rent a car.

The good news is that the food is good.  At least the room service food I ordered was.  Of course I was so hungry that they could have fed me anything and I would have eaten it.

So I was tired and full.  Can you guess what happened next?  Yup, I made up for the 3 hours of sleep and took a nap.  I woke up in time to catch the last quarter of the Lakers-Celtics game.  I then went on a quick caffeine run (there’s a 24 hour gift shop in the casino area that has convience items).  I’m typing this up and then hitting a multicast COD.

One potential pitfall for tomorrow is my ability to use wireless which I will need for the training.  I have been using my wife’s laptop at home since my hard drive melted a few weeks ago.  Before I left I installed a new hard drive and tried to install Windows XP.  My Windows disc is pretty old and scratched so my install kept failing.  Before I went to sleep (for 3 whole hours) I downloaded and burned the Ubuntu ISO.  During the layover in Salt Lake CIty I installed Ubuntu on my laptop.  While in the terminal I was unable to get the wireless to work.  No worries, I packed my old ThinkPad so I have a backup machine.  Unfortunately, I pulled my Cisco wireless card (rocking the B radio!) from the laptop before I left home.  I thought that I threw it in my bag but I cannot find it now.  I think that I have figured out the wireless on Ubuntu, but I don’t have any WLANs to test it on.

I will definitely blog my experience, but I’m not sure if I will be able to get daily blogs up as I will be trying to get as much training in as possible over the next five days.

June 15, 2008

Arden Packeer is a Glutton for Punishment

Arden recently passed his CCIE lab exam (he and Ethan both passed on their first attempts).  He’s been celebrating and getting offers in the month since he passed the lab.  I think that he had one too many beers because after torturing himself to attain the R&S CCIE, he’s now pursuing the Voice CCIE.

He will be blogging his status as he hunts down his second CCIE.  He’ll be using IPExpert products this time around.

Good luck Arden.

June 13, 2008

CertGuard: Certification Integrity?

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–noun 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. 

A few days ago I posted about an article on Network World’s site in which Robert Williams of CertGuard accused Ethan Banks of cheating on his CCIE written exam.  At that time I mentioned that I thought that Williams had stepped over the line and made accusations based on speculation rather than facts.  I wrote that I thought that Williams was not a “bad guy.”  After reading Williams’ comments and attempting to get him to address some of his speculative claims, it’s pretty obvious that Williams has an agenda that no amount of facts are going to deviate him from pursuing.  I believe (as do others) that Williams libeled Ethan in his article.  It can only hope that Ethan “lawyers up” and pursues legal recourse.

Ethan’s site is down.  His name and reputation have been sullied.  Both are losses to the CCIE community.

I’m not going to waste any more bandwidth addressing the points at which Williams left the realm of reason and drifted into reckless accusations.  One can read my original post as well as the comments on Williams’ article if they want.  What I do have an issue with is the fact that Network World allows Williams’ article to be hosted on their website.  If Williams were to post this garbage on his blog or site, it would receive little attention.  Because Williams’ piece is published on the website of the preeminent networking magazine it gives his words both an audience and a credibility which I don’t feel that this smear piece deserves. 

I’m not sure what the relationship is between Williams and Network World.  Network World gives us Michael Morris, Jeff Doyle, Wendell Odom, and Brad Reese.  For them to allow Williams to even be remotely associated with these outstanding writers gives Williams undue credibility.

I sent an email to Jim Duffy, the Managing Editor of Network World outlining Williams accusations and my concern that Network World allows these accusations space on their website.

I don’t know if my email will have any effect.  If you feel the same way that I do (or if you feel the opposite) and you have the time, email one or all of the following folks an email with your concerns:

Network World’s Contact Us page

Adam Gaffin
Executive Editor, Online • (508) 490-6433
Contact regarding online content development and online

Jim Duffy
Managing Editor • (716) 655-0103
Covers switching, routing and other network equipment
from Cisco, Nortel and others.

Bob Brown
Online Executive Editor, News • (508) 490-6407
Manages news staff and reporters.

This is the last that I will post about this matter.  I may have inadvertently hurt Ethan by pushing traffic at Williams’ posting.  If that is the case, then I apologize to Ethan.  My intentions were to point out an injustice, not to give more exposure to the article. 

For those who have not seen Ethan’s comment on this issue, I have reprinted them below along with my email to Jim Duffy.


UPDATE 6/5/2008 – The comment I made above has mislead some people to think I cheated my way through the CCIE written qualification exam.

First off, TestKing and others appear to offer a legitimate practice exams to help a person who is preparing for a certification test. If you don’t know what these companies are about, you can be easily fooled. Certainly, I was one of those. At a glance, TestKing’s website looks as good as Boson’s and other legitimate vendors. TestKing doesn’t tell you that they are selling you the actual test questions.

Second, since becoming aware of what TestKing is really about, I have discouraged the use of this material in several private e-mails to people that have asked me about them, and other similarly-minded vendors (like Pass4Sure).

Third, the specific TestKing study document I referred to here was not a representation what was on the actual written exam. If someone claims that I used TestKing to pass the CCIEwritten exam, they demonstrate both ignorance of my blog in general and my specific study methods which were well documented in my blog over several months.

Comment by Ethan Banks — June 5, 2008 @ 4:15 pm | Edit This


Hello Jim,

I apologize if you are not the correct person to contact.  My email is concerning the Robert Williams: Certification Integrity blog which is found under the Network World Community.  If there is a better contact available, please either forward this email on to them and/or respond with their contact information.

On June 5th of this year, Robert Williams published the following article/blog posting:

Certification Integrity: Should this CCIE have his certs stripped for cheating?

In this posting (and in his comments on this posting) Williams references the following comment by Ethan Banks (  and

/I reviewed some of the older TestKing material during my final review, although it wasn’t a major focus. The good news is that the TK stuff has a lot of the concepts you need to know. But if you’re looking for actual questions that will show up on the exam, I didn’t see that in any of the TK material I looked at.
Comment by Ethan Banks — August 2, 2007 @ 7:19 pm /

From this comment Mr. Williams accuses Mr. Banks of using “a well known cheating tool” (TestKing materials) to “memorize stolen exam questions to help him obtain his CCIE”.  He further accuses Mr. Banks of “promoting the use of those braindumps in front of potentially millions of Cisco exam candidates.”

Ethan Banks is (was?) a very popular CCIE blogger who chronicled his progress over the past year and a half while attaining the Cisco CCIE certification.  He recently passed the legendarily difficult CCIE lab on his first attempt.  In the very limited scope of CCIE bloggers (of whom I am one), he is well known.

From the comment referenced above I believe that Mr. Williams can – at most – claim that Mr. Banks used (I assume that is what “reviewed” means in this case) a product from TestKing.  I agree with Mr. Williams on that point.  His accusations beyond that seem to be built simply on his own speculations and are both damaging and unprofessional.

According to Mr. Williams, TestKing is a well known vendor of braindumps (which – from reading Mr. Williams postings – are collections of actual certification exam questions and answers).  While Mr. Williams may believe that this is a well known fact, he does not explain why he believes that Mr. Banks did (or should) believe the same thing about TestKing.

Mr. Williams goes futher than that and states that Mr. Banks used the TestKing material to “memorize stolen exam questions to help him obtain his CCIE.” This statement is directly contradicted by Mr. Banks; statement that none of the TestKing material that he reviewed contained actual questions.  What is it that Mr. Williams believes that Mr. Banks memorized and how did it help him to pass his CCIE written exam?  If Mr. Banks memorized questions that did not appear on his exam then didn’t he handicap himself by wasting time and “human RAM” to commit to memory information that did not help him on the exam?

Finally, Mr. Williams claims that Mr. Banks promoted the use of TestKing materials.  I did a search of Mr. Banks’ blog (while it was still online) and there were two postings that mentioned TeskKing.  Neither posting endorsed the use of TestKing products.  One explicitly dismissed TestKing materials as being worthless (to be fair, that posting occurred after Mr. Williams’ posting).  If one looks at the comment that Mr. Williams refers to in his article, I suppose that one could interpret Mr. Banks’ statement as a very weak (“…the TK stuff has a lot of the concepts you need to know.”) endorsement of the TestKing material.  Since the focus of Mr. Williams’ article is braindumps, it should be noted that as Mr. Banks’ statement is effectively a negative review of the TestKing material as a braindump.  He states that the material that he reviewed did not contain any actual exam questions.  To me that sounds like he’s saying “this material is good review but it’s not a braindump.”

The reason that I am writing to you about this issue is because Mr. Williams’ article and comments appear on the Network World website.  I do not know what relationship Network World has with CertGuard or Mr. Williams.  By publishing Mr. Williams’ article and comments on the Network World website, they have gained a credibility and audience that he could not achieve on his own.  My problem with this is that Mr. Williams has made what seem to me to be libelous statements about Mr. Banks.  I also believe that his reaction to comments on the article have been very aggressive and unprofessional. [Again, to be fair, some of the comments were aggressive and unprofessional as well].  I am disappointed that an institution as highly regarded as Network World is hosting these accusations.  I know that bloggers (if that is what Mr. Williams’ role is with Network World) are often excused from following standards and practices of journalists.  In this case though I think that Mr. Williams stepped over the line.  He seems to have made no effort to contact Mr. Banks for clarification/comments and his statements are illogical and may be libelous.  I do not know if Mr. Banks cheated on his CCIE written exam, but after reading Mr. Williams’ article and comments, it’s clear that Mr. Williams does not know this either.  This has not, unfortunately, stopped him from accusing Mr. Banks of exactly that.

Today I discovered that Mr. Banks had removed taken his site down “for personal reasons.”  I do not know if this is due to Mr. Williams’ article, but the timing is suspect.  Please review Mr. Williams’ article and postings and verify that they are accurate and/or that they meet the standards of Network World.

Thank you for your time,


*I run a CCIE blog pseudonymously at  If you require my actual name I will provide that to you.


June 12, 2008

IPExpert: Free CCIE Training and Free Training Archive

IPExpert has some free CCIE training events coming up in the next few weeks:

Jun 17 3:00 PM EST  Online 
Topic: Multicast – Anycast RP
Track: R&S

Jun 24 8:00 PM EST  Online 
Topic: Digit Manipulation on CallManager 4.1(3) & CME 3.3
Track: Voice

Jun 30 8:00 PM EST  Online 
Topic: PPPoE Operations
Track: Service Provider

You can register for these free sessions here.

Even more exciting is that IPExpert has made available recordings of their previous free CCIE lectures:

CCIE R&S Related Topics
  Basic Multicast Design/Operations
  Frame Relay
  Layer 2 Tunneling Techniques 
  Troubleshooting on the CCIE Lab

CCIE Voice Related Topics
  Campus QOS
  H323 Gatekeeper Basics

CCIE Security Related Topics

CCIE Service Provider Related Topics
  ATM Operations and Configuration

If you combine these free vLectures with Internetwork Expert’s free V-Seminars there are hours and hours of absolutely FREE CCIE training videos available from two of the best CCIE training companies in the world.


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