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June 27, 2008

Internetwork Expert: New Class On Demand and Revised Workbooks Coming Soon

Brian Dennis talked about this a bit during the workshop last week, but now that it’s on their blog it’s “official”.  🙂 There’s a new version of the ATCOD coming in the next couple of months.  Brian promised that this version would include a button to skip the corny jokes.  This prompted a response of “So the COD will be about 15 minutes long then?”

This format is a lead-in to our new CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand Version 5.0, that will be nearly THREE FULL WEEKS OF CONTENT. While the current 4.1 content is exceptional, there are certain topics that were cut short to fit into the two week format. We envision a 100% complete release of Volume I Version 5.0 and the CoD Version 5.0 within the next six weeks, and optimistically a large portion of the new Volume II Version 5.0 and Volume III Version 5.0 content. Beta testing will begin for all of this material shortly.

From the comments (via Brian M):

Class-on-Demand version 5 is not an update to version 4, it is a major forklift upgrade. It will be delivered both online and in DVD format. The release will start with online first and then the DVDs will become available a few weeks after.

Absolutely it does [Investment Protection gives current members access to the new COD and workbooks]. The only thing not free is new printed copies of workbooks or new DVD copies of the Class-on-Demand. There is a minimal production and shipping charge for these items.

Brian had mentioned that they may reorder their workbooks as well.  Volume I will still be the technology-focused labs (they have beta currently up for switching, Frame Relay, and RIP).  Volume II will most likely be the current Volume III core labs.  Volume II (full-scale labs) will become Volume III.  There may be a new Volume IV which will be comprised of mock labs.


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