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June 26, 2008

Internetwork Expert: Service Provider Lab Changes

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Scott Morris is now blogging at the Internetwork Expert blog.  His first post concerns some changes (and possible changes) to the CCIE Service Provider lab.  A number of the people in the workshop last week expressed interest in pursuing multiple CCIE certifications.  All of them said that they would most likely go after the SP next as there is a significant amount of topic overlap with the R&S lab.  Also, you can use Dynamips exclusively for the SP track.

IPv6 will be coming to a Service Provider CCIE exam near you. This shouldn’t be a surprise as it has been in the R&S CCIE exam for over a year now. What will make it interesting, of course, is just how much EXTRA stuff expanding other topics like MPLS labeling, VPN creation, VPNv6 routes and other stuff like that which will need to be discussed and dissected along the way.

IOS-XR may be coming in at some point. Most likely in the form of a GSR router. No, I have no details on exact models or what exciting level of software/modules/stuff will be included with it! Just watch for further announcements! In my own personal opinion, with the use of the GSR we may also find some SONET links added into our topology with the 7200VXR routers already being used. I have no other basis than my warped sense of humor for that, and thinking that it “just makes sense”.

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Cisco Launches New Learning Network

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Cisco recently launched a new “Web 2.0” (does that term really have any meaning anymore?) certification portal/site.  The site looks great and should be a good resource for those pursuing the various levels of Cisco certification.  I popped in to check out the new CCNA Wireless certification(basically an “add-on” to your existing CCNA).

The site does require a password and my existing CCO account(s) did not seem to work.

The Routing and Switching CCIE section is a litte threadbare at the moment, but I’m sure that it will be growing pretty quickly once the site gets more popular.

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