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June 23, 2008

Internetwork Expert: No R&S CCIE Changes Announced at Networkers (so far)

The IE crew is in Orlando at Networkers.  During our class they kept mentioning to keep an eye out for announcements on Monday (from Cisco and IE).  Today, Brian Dennis blogged the following:

Well it looks like there isn’t going to be any “real” changes to the R&S CCIE lab coming anytime soon.  The only changes discussed here at Networks will be the possibility of having Frame Relay preconfigured.

The good news about the hardware is that it’s not going to change.  You can still expect to see six routers, four switches and three backbone routers.  The routers will remain 3825s and 3725s.  The switches will also stay the same (3560s and 3550s).

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This is good news, except that I am strong in Frame Relay, so if they do preconfigure Frame Relay, then I’ll need to make those points up elsewhere.  I don’t know if this announcement is the same as the rumored August announcement, so there may still be some changes coming down the pike.

For those of you pursuing the Security track, the expected changes are being announced.  The other Brian (McGahan) posted the following about the Security changes:

I will be making a more detailed post later today about the changes, but in a nutshell the following changes are coming:

* PIX Firewall – Removed
* VPN 3000 Concentrator – Removed
* New Routers – 3800s running 12.4T
* New Switches – 3560s running 12.2(x)SE
* New ASA Software – Version 8.x
* IPS 4215 Replaced With IPS 4240
* New IPS  Software – Version 6.x

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I took today off to recuperate from last week’s training and travel.  The training really rejuvenated me.  Consequentially, I booked some rack time today and will be ignoring the absolutely beautiful day and starting my crawl through the Volume II labs.

By the way, if you’re at Networkers and you see Brian Dennis go ahead and tickle him under the chin and yell “WING DING COCONUTS!!!” then run away.  He LOVES that.  Now it may seem that he’s confused or not amused by this AND he may call security or punch you, but do not let that stop you.  🙂

IPExpert: Free Drinks and Wings Networkers Party

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If you’re in Orlando for Networkers (or for any reason I guess) tonight (Monday, 23 June) IPExpert is throwing a party with product giveaways and free drinks and wings.

* Drinks and Wings are on us!
* Come hang out with other CCIEs and CCIE candidates
* Meet IPexpert Instructors
* Free shuttle service to and from the Convention Center and the party location!

We WILL Give Away All These GREAT PRIZES:

* Eight (8) CCIE “End-to-End” All-Inclusive Training Programs ($10K+ value each!)
* Ten (10) of IPexpert’s NEWLY-RELEASED Blended Learning Solutions ($1600+ value each!)
* Five (5) CCIE 5-Day Boot Camp seats ($5000+ value each!)


Monday Night (June 23) – Starts at 8:00pm

First 50 in the door are guaranteed a prize!

You’ll need to surf over to this page and RSVP.  Offering free drinks and wings to a bunch of geeks might end up being a budget busting expense.  🙂

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