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June 4, 2008

Cisco Training In Second Life

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Okay, so I’m a bit late on this (the event happened in late April) but I was a little surprised that Cisco is using Second Life as a training platform:

Cisco Second Life TechChat: The “Internet of Things” – Why IP for Sensor Networks

April 22, 2008, noon Pacific Time
Location: Cisco Bandwidth Stage
Approximate duration: 60 minutes

This TechChat features Jean Phillippe Vasseur, a Cisco distinguished engineer, and will focus on sensor networks. Sensor networks can have an effect on our lives and the role of the network as the platform. The use of IP in these new generation networks will be of the utmost importance. During this TechChat, Jean Phillippe will present a vision of the “Internet of things.” He will share his thoughts about using IP to preserve interoperability and new work on IP-based advanced protocols for networks that have unique characteristics in term of constraints and scalability.

This discussion about the “Internet of things” will cover:

  • Areas of applications
  • Technical challenges
  • Why IP for sensor networks?
  • Standardizations


Cisco Second Life TechChats are held in a 3D virtual environment. They are designed for the technical professional focusing on networking solutions and best practices for deploying and managing the latest technologies. In these chats you can engage in real time with Cisco engineers, technology experts, and your networking professional peers. Second Life events are free of charge.

Not being a gamer, I just assumed that Second Life was were uber shut-ins went to get freaky with other virtual folks.  I never thought about it as a distance learning platform.

Anyhoo…I was unable to find a recording of this event.  😦



  1. Companies have been very quick to jump on the Second Life bandwagon for advertising purposes. Most studies I’ve seen show that it hasn’t necessarily been that fruitful. I’d be curious to get my hands on some of the data from Cisco’s run on there. I did notice that they launched a more ‘social’ based informational/resource site

    Perhaps there is a connection?

    Comment by CCNA_Dan — June 25, 2008 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  2. A lot of big companies have opened an island in Second Life, which is an online 3D game, which, as it name says, represent a second life for some people, a place where they can do what real life forbids them, or just interact and get to know other people from other places. Cisco has opened two islands, segregating the online players: one island for their actual clients where they offer support, making life easier for both the company and the client, and another island for future clients, where they can present their goods.

    Comment by Squirly Black — July 31, 2008 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

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