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June 1, 2008

My Switch Cares About Me

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I received the following warning from a 3550 the other day:

Rack13SW4(config-if)#ip add
% Warning: use /31 mask on non point-to-point interface cautiously

Fuck you Juniper!  You may have a lot of the same “features” as Cisco products, but do you program each of your devices with love?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  My Cisco switch knows that I am going to engage in risky behavior.  He doesn’t judge me; rather he tells me to let my freak flag fly, but to “stay safe” in the process.  My switch then went on to caution me about unprotected sex and sharing needles.  I guess that it’s not a good idea to run with scissors either.  Who knew?  Thanks for looking out for me 3550! 

“The Cisco 3550: It’s more than a switch – it’s a life coach.” 


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