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May 8, 2008

Off The Grid :-)

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I must have angered the IT gods this week.  On Sunday the drive on my work laptop fried.  I very rarely use a docking station, but my laptop does not have a DB15 connector so I’ve been using a USB converter to connect to my lab stack.  The USB converter died, so I pulled out my docking station and used it because it does have a DB15 connector.  As I was wrapping up on Sunday, I popped the laptop out of the docking station and my laptop rebooted.  Then it came up with a blue screen telling my my PsMain.db is corrupt.  Oh joy.  It may still be salvageable as the error I’m getting is from my disk encryption software.  My dilemma is that if I give it to our desktop support staff, they are very likely to just re-image the entire drive.  Of course, I have a ton of CCIE notes and configurations on that box that I never bothered to back up (I know – I’m an idiot).  That’s a tough lesson to learn.  😦

On Monday I got a new boss.  This guy is like antimatter to me.  I took Tuesday – Thursday off to cool down and concentrate on my studies.  The CCIE is looking SO much more like a nescessity to me right now.  My chances of staying with my current company after getting my CCIE just dropped from 90% to about 10% if I have to work for this jackass.

I planned to really knuckle down on multicast (one of my big weaknesses).  I even bought some rack rental credits with IE and planned to get some labbing done.  I made a couple of blog posts and then did some yard work before the expected thunderstorm rolled in.  The rain hit and I went inside to start my studies only to find that my cable Internet connection was down.  I called the vendor and they told me that they would send a tech out on Thursday.  He just left my house.  The problem was a bent pin in the pedestal.

Two full days without Internet access – what a horror.  I am officially addicted to the Internet.  I didn’t even realize how much I used it.  What’s the temperature?  I’ll just hit  Who’s winning the Democratic primaries?  Off to  Did Edith Piaf really have an affair with a Moroccan boxer who died in a plane crash (the down time let me catch up on some movies like ‘La Vie En Rose’)?  Off to

I’ve decided to finally capitulate and get a cell phone with a dataplan and Internet access.  Up until this point I have purposely only used cell phones with no bells and whistles.  My phone does voice and is text-capable.  After being separated from the life-giving teat of the Internet for 48 hours, I am finally seeing the need for another method of web access.

I have learned my lesson.  NEVER dis AT&T in a blog post.  🙂  Within a few hours they somehow managed to knock me off the web.  🙂

Anyhoo…I’ll start posting the question of the day again tomorrow.  I apologize for the backlog of comments, I’ll jump on those ASAP.  Then it’s time to get cracking on multicast.



  1. Hi There

    I have been there with the troublesome laptop drive and got around the problem by buying a USB caddy which I could slide the drive in to and attach it to a second PC as a removable USB drive. This allowed me to recover all my data before I reinstalled the drive in the laptop and let our desktop support re-roll the it.

    Lesson learned the hard way. I now have all important study material on my work laptop, personal laptop and a 160Gb USB hard drive 🙂

    Best Regards,


    Comment by Michael Keeley — May 8, 2008 @ 2:35 pm | Reply

  2. I feel your pain about the story about your boss. Your preparation level seems to be pretty strong. You’ve posted a lot of technical detail around your study efforts and you seem to have been hitting the stuff pretty hard lately. When is your lab date? You have about a month right? You seem ready, so you probably won’t have to deal with the boss much longer anyways. However, it would be interesting to hear your grievances about the guy. Pointy haired boss stories are always a nice interlude.

    Comment by Marko — May 8, 2008 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

  3. Never fails, when it rains it pours right? I have similar experiences. Most recent one is had an external usb drive that the usb piece quit working. Bought a new case for $10, it came in got it working started copying files, then bumped my desk and the drive fell to the floor. I then had to RMA the hard drive (fortuneately it was under warranty). I hadn’t lost any data (this time). Anyways, once I got that working again, the hard drive that runs the os for my NAS server died as well, so I’ve had to rebuild my NAS server. I’m just waiting now for the next hard disk to crash on me.

    Comment by tml — May 9, 2008 @ 9:31 am | Reply

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