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May 5, 2008

Question Of The Day: 05 May, 2008

Topic: BGP

Routers r1 and INET1 are directly connected via their respective FastEthernet interfaces.  Here are their BGP configurations:

r1#show run | sec router bgp
router bgp 65001
 no synchronization
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 timers bgp 15 45
 neighbor remote-as 1
 no auto-summary

INET1#show run | sec router bgp
router bgp 1
 no synchronization
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 neighbor remote-as 65001
 no auto-summary

Will these two routers establish a BGP peering?

Click Here For The Answer

Yesterday’s Question

Question Of The Day: 02 May, 2008 

Topic: IP Services

Configure r1 to see all possible logs to a server with the IP address of


logging trap debugging

logging host

logging trap

r1(config)#logging trap ?
  <0-7>          Logging severity level
  alerts         Immediate action needed           (severity=1)
  critical       Critical conditions               (severity=2)
  debugging      Debugging messages                (severity=7)
  emergencies    System is unusable                (severity=0)
  errors         Error conditions                  (severity=3)
  informational  Informational messages            (severity=6)
  notifications  Normal but significant conditions (severity=5)
  warnings       Warning conditions                (severity=4)

Logging severity levels include all log alerts in that severity level as well as the levels below it.  So if you specify logging severity level 4, you will log alerts from severity level 0 – 4.  We want ‘all possible logs’ so we want to specify the highest severity level:

r1(config)#logging trap debugging


r1(config)#logging trap 7 

It will end up in the configuration the same:

r1(config)#do sh run | i logging
logging trap debugging




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