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April 22, 2008

Status Update: 07 – 20 April

A month ago my preparation was zipping along.  Now I’m limping.  Life has conspired (as it has a way of doing) to completely screw up my last two weeks of training.  I’ve had to deal with taxes, a good friend leaving, helping another friend with emergency home repairs brought on by a flooded basement, a huge spike in workload, guarding our dock against icebergs, spring cleaning, garden/yard maintenance….blah blah blah.

I’ve not been able to do much in the way of studies.  I’ve belted out some hours on the CLI over the weekend, but they were pretty non-contiguous hours and not very productive.  I really cannot commit any time during the week due to domestic and work duties.  When my weekend hours are interrupted I pretty much lose the week for studying.

I have a mock lab scheduled for tomorrow.  I did well on the last mock lab, but I went into it after a long stretch of hardcore labbing.  I’m really not prepared for tomorrow’s lab.  There’s not much I can do but try to review some material tonight and tomorrow morning.

I’m thinking that I’m going to have to take some more time off from work and do another Labapolooza to get back on track.  I really want to get through all of the IE Volume II and III labs prior to my Mock Lab workshop.  I hate burning vacation time to do this.  I may have to attempt to cash in some “comp time”.  Whenever I work (significantly) over 40 hours a week or I get called in to troubleshoot an issue off hours (like the 12 hour debacle this weekend) I’m supposed to record that time and use it as comp(limentary?) time.  Supposedly I can use this time in lieu of vacation/PTO.  I say supposedly because I’ve never ‘cashed in’ comp time.  I rarely even track it.  We often joke about being able to take whole months off if we were accurately tracking and redeeming our comp hours.  🙂

Here are my goals from two weeks ago: Review BGP videos.  Finish Volume III lab 5.  Redo Volume II lab 10.  Start redoing the Volume I BGP labs.

I did manage to do all of this except the BGP labs.  I also redid Volume II lab 12.  I did not remember that I had done this lab before until I hit a question in OSPF that made me realize that this was my second time through this lab.  That’s a good thing in that I know that I can repeat labs because I definitely have not memorized them.  It’s bad because I could have used that time to knock out a different lab.

Here are my goals this week: Take IE Mock Lab 2.  Start redoing the Volume I BGP labs.  Complete one Volume II and one Volume III lab this weekend.

Days Until Lab: 90
Days Until Mock Lab 2: 1
Days Until Mock Lab Workshop: 55
Readiness (1 to 10): 6
Lab Hours This Week 8
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 4


  1. sh ip ospf database external

    Comment by Barooq — April 22, 2008 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

  2. LOL just go take the lab already! It is funny how real life conspires against you at time isn’t it? I have always wondered about that.

    Comment by Carl Yost Jr — April 23, 2008 @ 5:45 am | Reply

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