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April 12, 2008

Internetwork Expert Volume III: Lab 5 – Section 5

Exterior Gateway Routing – 7 Points

5.1 BGP Peerings

IE solution is missing the peerings r4-sw3 and r4-sw4.

5.2 BGP Path Manipulation

“Using local-preference within AS 200, ensure that r4 is used as the exit point for all BGP prefixes learned from AS 100.”

To affect OUTBOUND routing (weight and local_pref) we will create a route-map and apply it INBOUND.

route-map LOCAL_PREF permit 10
 set local-preference 1000
router bgp 200
 neighbor route-map LOCAL_PREF in

“AS 100 should use r5 as the entyr point for any routes advertised by AS 200.”

Basically the same thing as the first task, but configured on the peering between r1 (AS 100) and r5 (AS 200):

r1(config)#route-map LOCAL_PREF perm 10
r1(config-route-map)#set local-pre 1000
r1(config-route-map)#router bgp 100
r1(config-router)#neigh route-map LOCAL_PREF in

5.3 Redistribution

“Redistribute sw2’s lo0 network ( into EIGRP on r4.”
“Do not redistribute any other BGP routes into EIGRP.”


I really screwed this task up.  Here’s the IE solution:

ip prefix-list SW2_LOOPBACK seq 5 permit
route-map BGP->EIGRP permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list SW2_LOOPBACK
router eigrp 10
 redistribute bgp 200 metric 1 1 1 1 1 route-map BGP->EIGRP
router bgp 200
 bgp redistribute-internal

I did everything except “bgp redistribute-internal”

bgp redistribute-internal

Usage Guidelines
The bgp redistribute-internal command is used to configure iBGP redistribution into an IGP. The clear ip bgp command must be entered to reset BGP connections after this command is configured.

When redistributing BGP into any IGP, be sure to use IP prefix-list and route-map statements to limit the number of prefixes that are redistributed.


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  1. Good,

    You are doing well,,,,,

    And that is the mistake which I as well do often.

    Comment by Dara — April 13, 2008 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

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