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April 9, 2008

Status Update: 31 March – 06 April

I guess that it was to be expected, but I fell off of the wagon a bit this week.  Spring rolled into Minnesota this weekend (and it seems to have rolled right back out again).  Not only was I burned out by the hours that I had put in the last two weeks, but the weather and housework conspired against me.

I didn’t have enough time on Sunday to complete a full Volume II lab, so decided to do Volume III lab 5.  I usually fly through these labs (except for IGP redistribution) so I figured that I would limit myself to 4 hours and knock this sucker out.  Let’s just say that lab 5 wasn’t the sucker that got knocked out.  🙂

After 4 hours I had just reached IGP redistribution.  Ouch!!!  There wasn’t anything that I hadn’t seen before, just a lot of ‘unique’ tasks and more of them.  It was a humbling experience.

Here are my goals from last week: Review the IEATC IPv6 and BGP videos.  Redo Volume II lab 9.  Do Volume III lab 6.

I did manage to redo most of Volume II lab 9.  I found this to be a pretty tough lab as well.  I completed the IPv6 videos (I feel a lot better about my IPv6 skills now) and did (most of) Volume III lab 5, not lab 6.

Here are my goals this week: Review BGP videos.  Finish Volume III lab 5.  Redo Volume II lab 10.  Start redoing the Volume I BGP labs.

Days Until Lab: 103
Days Until Mock Lab 2: 14
Days Until Mock Lab Workshop: 68
Readiness (1 to 10): 6
Lab Hours This Week 10
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 12

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