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April 9, 2008

Internetwork Expert Volume III: Lab 5 – Section 1

Troubleshooting – 2 Points

There are two faults in the initial configurations.  I actually found three and the one that was not listed in the IE Solution Guide was the most devious of the three.

1)  sw3 and sw4 both have an intitial configuration error on their fa0/16 interfaces:

interface FastEthernet0/16
 ip address

The “no switchport” command for is needed for these routed interfaces.  Without this command, IOS chokes on the ‘ip address’ command and you’re left with an ordinary L2 interface.

2)  Incorrect IP addresses on SVIs on sw1:

sw1(config)#do sh ip int br | e ass
Interface              IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
Vlan27             YES manual up                    up
Vlan72             YES manual up                    up
Loopback0           YES manual up                    up

You just need to swap the IP addresses.

3)  VTP password on sw2 is CISC0 (last character is a zero) rather than CISCO.  This is the fault that is not listed in the solution guide.  I occurs on only one switch, and that switch is the only one that has trunking to the other three switches, so if this was an unintended fault, it was a doozy.   🙂



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