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March 26, 2008

Internetwork Expert Graded Mock Lab 1: First Impressions

I just finished IE’s Graded Mock Lab 1.  This culminates a week and a half of hardcore labbing.  Now I get to go back to work and spend the next week and a half digging out of the work that’s been backing up over my “vacation”.

Mock Lab 1 is a difficultly level 6 lab.  That means that it’s easier than the actual lab.  After reading through the lab I felt that I had a very good chance of passing it.  There were only a couple of tasks that I was not sure how to do.  I cruised through the core tasks up until route-redistribution.  Even though the redistribution was insanely easy, I still spent a lot of time running scripts and verifying connections.  By the time I took my “lunch break” I had just completed BGP peering.

I left 9 points on the table (3 points each in BGP, Security, and IP Services).  Of those three tasks, there was only one (in IP Services) that was something completely alien to me. 

I really felt that I passed the lab.  I estimate that I scored between 75 and a 91.  There were about 4 or 5 questions that I would have asked of the proctor.

As soon as the lab is over you get an initial scoring report.  The initial score report is graded by a script.  You lab will also be graded by a proctor in the next two business days.  After that you’ll receive your final score and feedback from the proctor.

My initial score report is 70.

You Scored: 70
Mock Lab:R&S Mock Lab 1
Difficulty Level:6
You scored better than 69% of all students who took this lab.

Note: This mock lab was graded by our automated grading system.  A proctor will also grade your configuration and it will appear in your members site within 2 business days.

Hopefully I can get another 10 points from the proctor.  As it stands, these results mirror my experience with most of the Volume II labs.  I do really well on the all of the core IGP and switching tasks.  I then fall down a little on BGP.  Then I nosedive on the last sections.  In this case, I got 56 of the first 64 points.  That means that I only got 14 of the last 36 points.  If I score over 80 (my goal) then I will be happy.  If my score stays at 70, I will be satisfied but still a little disappointed.

I’m too tired and punch drunk to go over the solution guide right now.  I’ll post more about this lab later.

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  1. Waiting for your detailed posts abt mock lab results

    Comment by Barooq — March 27, 2008 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

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