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March 24, 2008

Status Update: 17 – 23 March

I’ll make this update pretty quick as I have already pretty much covered last week’s progress in a previous post.

I will be redoing IE Volume II lab 3 on Tuesday and on Wednesday I will be doing IE Mock Lab 1.  I spent some time today going over basic Multicast and a little bit of FRTS.

Kind of off topic: I’m going to start posting some “cool commands” and “question of the day” posts.  I had always planned to share some of my favorite commands but haven’t gotten around to it until now.  I’ll also be posting some review questions (and possibly quick lab scenarios) soon.  I’m probably going to be spending a lot more time labbing and less time posting over the next couple of weeks so hopefully these types of shorter posts will be beneficial as well as interesting.

Here are my goals for the remainder of this week: Redo Volume II labs 3, 8. and 9.  Review the IEATC videos for Multicast and IP Services.

Days Until Lab: 119
Days Until Mock Lab 1: 2
Days Until Mock Lab Workshop: 84
Readiness (1 to 10): 2
Lab Hours This Week 50
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 4

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