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March 1, 2008

Using ‘frame-relay interface-dlci x protocol ip’ To Create Frame Maps

I stumbled across this post about another method to create Frame Relay mappings:

Guys,I’m just going through the [IPexpert] audio bootcamp for Frame-Relay and I’ve come across something I’m not sure of.In the lecure Scott talks about using the “frame-relay interface-dlci protocol ip” command instead of the “frame-relay map” command. I’ve never personally configured this so decided to check it out on the doc cd and found the following under the command reference :-

protocol ip ip-address
(Optional) Indicates the IP address of the main interface of a new router or access server onto which a router configuration file is to be automatically installed over a Frame Relay network. Use this option only when this device will act as the BOOTP server for automatic installation over Frame Relay.

Has anybody actually used this command before? I would try myself but my racks elsewhere at the moment. I’m sure Scott is correct and that Cisco are merely making a recommendation and that it’s not to be used in every day practice for replacing the frame map command.p.s. Couldn’t find any reference to the command in the config guide on the doc cd?

This command is used for auto-install over Frame Relay.  Further down the postings a user showed a successful Frame mapping using this command.  The one caveat is that it only works on point-to-point subinterfaces.

***Updated 02 March***

See comments about the configuration example in the Sadikhov forum.

Extra Credit Points In The CCIE Lab?

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This was recently mentioned on GroupStudy:

“We are very proud of Derek’s technical accomplishments and his recognition by Cisco of being one of only 31 Ten-Year CCIEs worldwide is outstanding,” said Glen Tindal, Intelliden chief technology officer. “Every day, Derek leverages his in-depth knowledge of Cisco’s devices and networking vision to help accelerate our customers’ strategic network automation initiatives via our Intelliden R-Series® software. In fact, Derek’s the only CCIE I know who scored higher than 100 percent on the Cisco CCIE lab evaluation. He truly epitomizes the definition of a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.”

I think that marketing got a little carried away on this one.  Of course, I’m not sure what exactly is meant by “lab evaluation”.  I am assuming that means the lab exam.  It is my understanding that when you pass the CCIE Lab you don’t get a score report.  You only get one if you fail the exam.  I am also unaware of any “bonus points” available during the lab.

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