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February 21, 2008

Internetwork Expert: New CCIE Assessment Exam Coming Soon

This is from Internetwork Expert’s January Newsletter:

Do you find yourself wanting to start pursuing a CCIE certification but are overwhelmed by the different options you see and don’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it be great to first test your knowledge and ensure you are purchasing only those training materials that will most benefit you, while at the same time avoiding what’s unnecessary? Well look no further than our new CCIE Assessment Exam coming in March 2008.

Internetwork Expert’s CCIE Assessment Exam is a two part evaluation designed to custom tailor your path to obtaining the CCIE certification. In the first part of the exam you will be provided a self-evaluation survey with a special set of qualification questions designed to help you diagnose where you stand in relation to lab exam study needs. Based on your answers to the self-evaluation you will be assigned a specially-tailored practical lab exam that you will configure on our equipment through our GradedLabs® rack access system. Once completed with the practical lab exam you will immediately receive a graded score report that provides specialized and customized product recommendations for you based on your individual results. With this method of custom evaluation you can eliminate any guesswork involved when choosing which study materials are right for you.

The cost for the CCIE Assessment Lab for new customers is $59, however once completed you will receive this full amount back as a store credit towards the purchase of any training materials that are recommended to you. This essentially makes our new CCIE Assessment Lab ABSOLUTELY FREE!

For more information contact the Sales Department

It looks like new customers will fill out a survey and then take a mock lab.  Based on the results of that lab IE will recommend training materials for your study.  Even if it is just a complete sales pitch (“Based on your results you need to buy everything we offer.”) it is still amounts to a very inexpensive graded mock lab for new customers.  If you decide to buy any IE materials, then you get to apply the $59 towards that purchase. 

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