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February 15, 2008

Crack Cocaine, Human Livers, and IPv4 Addresses?

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Network World recently interviewed David Conrad, general manager of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) about the possibility of a black (or white) market for IPv4 addresses developing as those addresses run out.

Do you think there would be a market for IPv4 addresses after the free pool is handed out?

Yes. I can’t actually imagine there not being a market. The market will either be black or white. If black, it will have a negative impact on the ability of ARIN to maintain accurate databases, such as, Whois. If white, ARIN (and the other Regional Internet Registries) will undoubtedly get dragged into politics related to fairness, particularly with respect to the developing world.

Do you foresee organizations with excess IPv4 address space (universities, government agencies) making a profit by selling it?


Would allowing IPv4 address space transfers slow down the transition to IPv6?

I would imagine it would accelerate the transition as the cost of obtaining IPv4 address space will become unpredictable and this will encourage organizations to obtain IPv6 space which will have predictable costs.

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