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February 5, 2008

CCIE Blogs: CCIE In 3 Months

I’m still working on my latest posting of newly discovered CCIE blogs, but I wanted to post about the CCIE In 3 Months blog.  This blog is run by a recently minted Routing and Switching CCIE who undertook a Herculean task (doubly apt since the blogger is Greek like Heracles) of passing the CCIE lab exam in 3 months from start to finish.  I am working my way through his posts now, but I wanted to point you to some of his posts. 

CCIE Lab – The chronicle of success – an excellent blow-by-blow account of his lab experience and the days leading up to it.

CCIE Lab – Things i didn’t do – There are some surprises here, such as not using a workbook.

CCIE Lab – How much money it costed – self explanatory.  🙂

My CCIE in numbers – an interesting list.  My favorite examples:

0 tasks unanswered in the CCIE Lab
1 CCIE Lab attempt
2 CCIE Assessor Labs
3 months of preparation
7 hours of mp3 personal recorded material
10 questions to the proctor during my CCIE Lab
11 candidates on the same room during my CCIE Lab
13 GB of HD space used for Dynamips/Dynagen practicing
15 days of complete isolation
16 hours max time spent on a single day during my practice
18 hours of Rack Rentals
20 days missing from my work
25 minutes max time spent on a single task during my CCIE Lab
28 hours spent until completing IE’s sample lab
30 seconds min time spent on a single task during my CCIE Lab
45 net files used for Dynamips/Dynagen
53 GB of HD space used for all my CCIE material
68 runs of Windows calculator
80 points average on online evaluation labs
158 pages of handwritten notes
180 hours of reading books before starting practice
342 config files created by Dynamips/Dynagen
390 minutes max time spent on a single task during my practice
528 hours of practicing with Dynamips/Dynagen
820 clicks on Cisco’s online DocCD
1380 pages of printed material
3698 euros totally spent
18883 CCIEs before me (1025 was the first one)

Congratulations to Tassos for completing such a difficult task in such a short amount of time.  I strongly suggest surfing over and checking out Tassos’ postings.  .You can even cast your vote on which certification he should pursue next.


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  1. Thanks for your compliments cciepursuit.

    I was watching your (and all other ccie related) blog site during my preparation and to be honest i was a little bit worried about my readiness, even more about my “strategy”. But as soon as i sat at the lab and looked at the tasks, i knew i was able to do it.

    Good luck at your exam!


    Comment by Tassos — February 6, 2008 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

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