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January 30, 2008

You Snooze, You Loose

I’m pretty much set for CCIE training material.  The only thing that I really want to add before I take a shot at the lab is a Mock Lab Workshop.  I’m meeting with my manager this week for my review and will pitch this as my training class for the year.  If she says no, then I’m going to have to decide if I want to pay for this out of pocket.  If she says yea, then I’ll book it.  The only downside is that a number of the workshops have already sold out, so I’m left with the following choices:

February 11 – 15  CCIE R&S Mock Lab Workshop Online Week 1  9am PST  Sign Up – $1,995         
March 17 – 21  CCIE R&S Mock Lab Workshop Onsite (Reno, NV)  9am PST  Sign Up – $3,495               
June 16 – 20  CCIE R&S Mock Lab Workshop Onsite (Reno, NV)  9am PDT  Sign Up – $3,495               
September 1 – 5  CCIE R&S Mock Lab Workshop Onsite (Reno, NV) 9am PDT  Sign Up – $3,495      
December 1 – 5  CCIE R&S Mock Lab Workshop Online Week 1  TBA Sign Up – $1,995 

I really want to take my lab in early June because I really don’t want to keep up this study pace into the summer.  I live in Minnesota and the summer months (especially the early summer) are pretty sacred.  That said, I don’t think that I’ll be ready by 11 February and I’m not waiting until September, so my only two options are the March or June dates.  If my employer foots the bill I will probably push my lab back a couple of weeks and go in June.  If I have to pay (and I decide that it’s worth the expense), then I’ll probably go in March.


  1. Good Luck !!!!

    Comment by Dara — January 30, 2008 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

  2. Get the boss to pay for half if they wont cover the whole amount…

    Comment by ccielab — January 30, 2008 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

  3. All the best to you and Ethan Banks, as you guys now counts days to the exams.

    Comment by Sesano's Dream — January 30, 2008 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

  4. Summer months? What are those… Oh wait those short 12 weeks of road construction 😛 ?

    Comment by Carl Yost Jr — January 30, 2008 @ 2:35 pm | Reply

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