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January 29, 2008

I was cleaning up some of my bookmarks and was surprised to find that had recently gone live.  I bookmarked this site sometime last spring.  At that time it was just parked.  I think that this site is administered by, but I’m not 100% sure.  I remember looking at this site (as well as before and seeing ‘copyright’.  The ‘about’ page doesn’t state who owns the domain:

Welcome to, your free CCIE home page, portal and blogging community.

You can host your own CCIE blog at this site for free.  There are already a half-dozen blogs up, but all but one of them are empty (placeholders or just test pages?).  CCIE on Ice is currently the only blog with any posts:

I’m currently studying for the CCIE written which I’m scheduled to take on jan 23. in Barcelona, Spain during my trip to the Cisco Networkers Europe convention.

If I manage to pass my written test I will use this blog to report my progress towards the CCIE lab exam and also use this blog to practise my written English. So feel free to comment on my writing.

Here’s hoping that CCIE on Ice passed the written exam and will be posting about chasing the CCIE. 

If you’re not interested in creating your own CCIE blog, you might still be interested in this:

Catch up on today’s CCIE news and read the latest posts on CCIE blogs on your own custom CCIE home page, at

I you go to, you’ll see a NetVibes page with a number of CCIE blogs (including yours truly) already loaded.  You can customize the page and add/remove RSS feeds as well as widgets.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Someone is running WordPress and Netvibes on a server.  Big deal.”  I think that this is actually a pretty cool site because it will give those looking for CCIE blogs a very good nice place to start.  When I started my studies, I was surprised at the lack of CCIE blogs I was able to find.  Over the months, I have found quite a few blogs, but I would have loved to have had a resource like this when I was first starting.  IF the blog hosting portion of ccieblog takes off, this site will be a very nice community resource for those seeking CCIE blogs.

Speaking of CCIE blogs, I have a fresh batch cooked up which I will be posting in the next few days.


I wasn’t hallucinating (this time!).  It looks like IPexpert does (or at the very least – did) own the ccieblog domain.  Here’s a post from a year ago:

In addition to IPexpert’s Online Certification Talk forum ( and Online Study List (email list-serv) (, we are please to announce 3 additional CCIE-focused communities that will begin to take form over the next few months.

CCIE Blog – ( This community will be dedicated to IPexpert instructors, management staff and various (selected) students progressing their way through the CCIE certification. Pop in and read about their daily experiences!

CCIE Radio – ( This site is a site dedicated to CCIE-focused PODCasts as well as streaming technical radio. More details and schedules will be available shortly!

Everything IE – ( If you have a question about the CCIE that you just can’t get answered (not violating the NDA of course) – this is the site for you. If you’d like to know what hotel to stay at when you’re taking the lab in Belgium, what to read, recommended links, etc – this is the “CCIE-Focused FAQ” you’ve always wanted!

If you have any questions or comments relating to these communities, or would like to get involved in the development and creation of these communities, please contact the President of IPexpert – Wayne Lawson at


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