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January 25, 2008

Internetwork Expert Blog: Highlights From Cisco’s Recent Ask The Expert Session

I missed this blog entry when it was intially posted.  Wow!  This is full of great information about the Routing and Switching CCIE Lab [emphasis mine]:

The “Ask the Expert” sessions are open question and answer sessions with the an actual CCIE lab proctor. The excerpts below were taken from the most recent session.

In regards to security topics on the exam:
The security topics listed below are defined by the R&S lab blueprint and make up about 6-8% of the exam:

1. AAA
2. Security server protocols
3. Traffic filtering and firewalls
4. Access lists
5. Routing protocols security, catalyst security
7. Other security features

In regards to IP Services topics on the exam:
Cisco is not testing Mobile IP. VRRP and GLBP will fall under IP/IOS Features. The total points for this section are around 8 points which includes all other content.

In regards to DVMRP on the lab:
Learn the basics of DVMRP as this topic is not explored in depth on the exam.

In regards to adding extra configurations and aliases:
You are not penalized for adding extra configurations as long as this will not break a specific restriction. Aliases don’t need to removed if they do not interfere with accessing the device when the exam is over.

In regards to the cabling of the network and diagrams:
The physical connections are pre-cabled so you don’t need to touch them. In some lab locations the racks are remote so you will not even see them. If you suspect you have a physical problem, ask the proctor to verify it for you. The lab document has L1/L2 diagrams for the physical connectivity as well as an IP or topology diagram and an IP Routing diagram.

In regards to any upcoming lab changes:
There are currently no expected changes regarding the CCIE R&S lab exam. Both the lab blueprint and hardware specifications are expected to stay the same for the next year. Any changes will be announced 5 to 6 months in advance.

In regards to how points are awarded in the exam:
You are marked down points for incorrect questions, not for entire sections. Suppose you have 4 questions within the QoS section with point totals of 2, 2, 2, and 3 for a total of 9 points. If you get the first 3 correct for this section you would receive 6 points or around a 66% for that section.

What items are allowed or not allowed in the lab environment?
All personal items must be removed from your person before entering the lab environment, but make sure to bring your identification, as it will be required to register at the reception area prior to the exam. Pen, pencils, scratch papers, etc will be available for you at the lab location. Food and drinks are generally not allowed, unless they are pre-approved by the proctor.

What types of questions may be asked of the proctor?
You can ask any question that you feel you need clarification on. Proctors are there to help you understand the questions and requirements presented by the test material.

What will happen if tasks within the test conflict with another section of the exam?
If you find that you must configure a device in a way that would affect a previous task restriction, make sure to bring up your concern with the proctor, who will be able to advise you regarding the situation.

—Read The Rest Here—


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  1. You Internetworkexpert mock lab should be near if I remember correctly. Cant wait to see how it goes.

    Comment by Barooq — January 26, 2008 @ 1:58 pm | Reply

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