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January 21, 2008

LFU 14: Menu Lockout

I was working on a task where you need to build a router menu for the NOC.  I added this line to my (existing) menu:

r2(config)#menu NOCMENU clear-screen

I invoked my menu…

r2#menu NOCMENU

…and ended up with a blank screen (which I could not break out of).

I jumped on a different router and telnetted to r2 and found out that I had overwritten my menu with the single line:

r2(config)#do sh run | sec menu
menu NOCMENU clear-screen

No biggie.  I’ll just remove that configuration:

r2(config)#no menu NOCMENU clear-screen
% Menu NOCMENU not deleted. In use


What to do?  I thought of a few options:

1) Reload – that would work as I had not written the configuration yet.  But it would waste time.
2) Kill my session on the console port.  That would work, but then I would need to reestablish my reverse telnet from the access server.  This would be a little quicker than reloading.

r2(config)#do sh user
    Line       User       Host(s)              Idle       Location
   0 con 0                idle                 00:06:05
*514 vty 0                idle                 00:00:00

I ended up doing this instead:

r2(config)#menu NOCMENU text 1 1 END!!!
r2(config)#menu NOCMENU command 1 exit

I reverse-telnetted back in to r2 via the access server and hit “1”

r2 con0 is now available

Press RETURN to get started.

Sweet!!!! I pressed RETURN as instructed and the curse of the evil menu was lifted!!!

I removed the menu:

r2(config)#no menu NOCMENU
r2(config)#do sh run | sec menu


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