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January 17, 2008

Internetwork Expert Volume III: Lab 2 – Section 2

Bridging and Switching – 9 Points

There were a couple more things that threw me off my game in this lab.  I did not know that the backbone router configurations were not preloaded on the CCOnlineLabs devices.  I was wondering why I could not see the bbs from the switches.  🙂

Also, the bbs are connected to different ports than I am used to.

2.1 Trunking

Very easy task.  IE used “switchport nonegotiate” on all of their trunks.  The task did not state that negotiation should be disabled (nor did it say that we could not dynamically create the trunks).  I am debating if I should turn off DTP whenever I hard-code a trunk in my labs.

The IE solution also show a configuration for sw2’s fa0/17 as an ISL trunk????  That was not in the task.  They probably meant fa0/20, not 0/17.

IE’s verification command for 2.1 makes no sense either.  They do “sh vtp status” and show sw1 as a vtp server in the CORE domain and the remaining switches as clients in the same domain.  WTF???

2.2 Etherchannel

It’s pretty obvious that whatever lab the solution guide is for, it’s NOT for Vol III lab 2!!!!!  I had an old copy of the solution guide printed out (from 21 July 2007).  It looked much better.  🙂

Inconsistencies between Lab Doc & Solutions Guide

2.3 Layer 3 Interfaces

Another straight forward task.  You won’t be able to ping across vlan59 until you assign vlan59 to fa0/5 on sw3.  Also note that sw3 does not have direct connectivity to r5 – you will need to configure VLAN 58 on sw1 0/5.

2.4 VLAN Assignments

“sw3 should be in charge of creating VLANs; no other switches should be able to modify VLANs that sw3 has created.”

Translated: make sw3 the VTP server and the remaining switches VTP clients.

Speed Tip: Since we don’t have any named vlans we can use one vlan statement on sw3 (vtp server):

sw3(config)#vlan 10,32,23,9,67,59,58,43

At this point all of your SVIs should be up/up and you should be able to ping any directly connected interfaces from the switches.

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