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December 31, 2007

Internetwork Expert: Graded Mock Lab Information

In a recent post concerning  Internetwork Expert’s Graded Mock Lab product, I wondered aloud:

IE runs two weeks of Mock Lab Workshops.  Each week includes 4 mock labs.  I am going to try to get my employer to pay for one of these workshops this year.  If you are planning on booking one of the workshops as well as some of the $99 mock labs, you may want to check with IE to see if they use the same labs in the workshop(s) so that you don’t end up repeating labs.  I’ll fire off an email to IE and post their response later.

I did email Internetwork Expert about this issue and they responded:

The Mock Lab Exams used in the Mock Lab Workshops are unique and not available elsewhere in our study materials, so you shouldn’t have to worry about overlapping any exams. I have double-checked this info with the Brians and they did confirm this.

Since the Graded Mock Labs don’t overlap with the labs used in the Mock Lab Workshops, I went ahead and booked 3 more of them.  If I can get my employer to pay for one of the Mock Lab Workshops, I will have a total of 8 mock labs before I take my actual lab. 

One other piece of information: you can book and reschedule your Graded Mock Labs using IE’s new rack reservation system.  I was able to quickly schedule my mock labs and even reschedule my existing mock lab from 30 January to 26 March.  This process was very simple and painless.  Now I should be (somewhat) ready for my first mock lab.  Plus I was able to get rack 1 for all 4 of my labs (this makes it easier for me to use the lab documentation).

The IE Graded Mock Lab $99 Special ends today.  For $99 you can book one now and schedule it for (nearly) any date in 2008.  If you’re looking into taking a mock lab, this is a great deal.

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