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December 11, 2007

Status Update: 03 – 09 December

Some weeks you just can’t catch a break.  This was one of them.

Winter has arrived in Minnesota.  We had two snow storms dump about a foot of snow on us.  Usually the local media will forecast the “blizzard of the century” only to have minimal snow fall.  This time they were pretty accurate.  This lead to me missing about three days of studies. 

When we sold the old house we left our snow-blower with the new owners.  We planned on buying a new one, but kept putting it off.  After the first snowfall, there was a predictable run on snow-blowers.  We ended up ordering one from with free shipping (sweet).  Once it arrived I spent one night clearing snow from the driveway and also (at my wife’s insistence) part of the lake (for ice skating).  The last 5 years or so we haven’t had appreciable snowfall until January, so I thought that I had time to put away the lawn gear.  Wrong.  I spent another night digging the lawnmower and rototiller out of the snow.  Not fun.  The final lost night was due to my wife working from home and needing to use the laptop.  I left my laptop at work so I decided to rebuild a desktop (I had been putting this off for quite awhile).  I couldn’t get XP to load.  It turned out that my CD was scratched just enough to make me waste a couple of hours.

At least I still had the weekend.  Well, I ended up wasting that as well.  I intended to start lab 3.  In that lab r6 requires two Ethernet interfaces.  The 2600 I was using only had one.  Thus began a long, unfulfilling quest to replace it with a 3725.  Also, the Vikings decided to start playing decent football, so I watched them play for the first time in months.

Anyhoo…a week that started off very nicely ultimately ended up with a lot of diversions and tail chasing.

Here are my goals from last week: 

Do the Volume I QoS and Multicast labs.  Review route redistribution.  Find documentation for each task in the DOC.  Do Volume III lab 3.

I did a lot of work with the DOC (blogging lab 2 helped with that) but of the other tasks I only did the QoS labs.  And only about half of them.  😦

Goals for this week:  Finish the Volume I QoS labs and some BGP labs.  Review route redistribution.  Review multicast.  Do Volume III lab 3.

Days Until Lab: 173
Readiness (1 to 10): 2
Lab Hours This Week 10
Study Hours This Week (estimate): 5

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