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December 4, 2007

Internetwork Expert: $99 Graded Mock Labs

I usually don’t post about sales (and – no – my corporate masters did not put me up to this), but Internetwork Expert has a pretty nice sale on graded mock labs through January 1st:

Price: $249 $99 | Graded Mock Lab
Special Offer till January 01, 2008

 Price Per Lab: $99.00

(S1) 3:00 AM Start Time (-7 GMT) 
(S2) 9:00 AM Start Time (-7 GMT) 
(S3) 3:00 PM Start Time (-7 GMT) 
(S4) 9:00 PM Start Time (-7 GMT)

You are alotted 11 hours total from the start time to complete the exam. To replicate the actual lab conditions at Cisco, limit yourself to 8 hours total configuration time, plus a 30-minute lunch break.

Internetwork Expert’s CCIE Routing & Switching Mock Lab Class-on-Demand series is a self-paced version of our CCIE Routing & Switching Mock Lab Workshop, and is designed as a simulation of the conditions you will face in the actual CCIE Routing & Switching lab exam. With this series you have the flexibility to schedule Mock Lab simulations at your own convenience, but still get the advantage of detailed breakdown sessions led by our highly skilled CCIE instructors.

The first step in using this series is to schedule an exam. You have the option to schedule an exam 7 days a week. Next, electronic access to a unique CCIE Mock Lab scenario and rack access instructions will be provided just prior to the start of your scheduled time.

Once the exam time starts you will be allotted rack time to configure the exam. Once the exam time has expired your configurations are graded by one of our highly skilled CCIE instructors, and a detailed score report is provided outlining your performance.

In addition to your score report you will have access to a detailed solutions guide for the scenario, as well as a 4+ hour recorded breakdown session in which our instructors walk you step-by-step through the correct configuration of the scenario. Just like our CCIE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand series, the breakdown session is delivered through our state-of-the-art online classroom software.

So for $99 you get 11 hours of rack time, a mock lab, a graded report, and a 4 hour class-on-demand lab breakdown.  The only downside is that it looks like you need to take the mock lab during December or January (whatever slots are remaining).   Also, this is not a proctored mock lab.  

If you’re looking to take a mock lab, this seems like a pretty cheap option. 


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up! I just bought one of these, as my real lab is in early January and want to get in as much practice as possible.


    Comment by neteng — December 5, 2007 @ 10:56 am | Reply

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  3. […] Cisco, Cisco Certification, Internetwork Expert, Mock Lab, Special As I blogged earlier, Internetwork Expert is offering (unproctored) mock labs for $99 (normally $249) so I went ahead and booked one.  At $99 it was too good of a deal to pass up.   […]

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