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November 27, 2007

Routing TCP/IP Volume III In The Works?

Well, maybe not.  Jeff Doyle has an interesting post up about the back history of his Routing TCP/IP books as well as his idea for a possible third volume in the series. He also has an open call for ideas for the third volume, so definitely go and drop him a comment if you have any ideas.  I would welcome an MPLS volume, but then again I would read anything that Doyle or Odom write.

When Cisco Press approached me in 1996 or so about writing a book, they were a pretty new operation and they left it to me to choose the topic. So I chose the plum, “Routing TCP/IP,” which originally was supposed to be one volume. Halfway through the project my editor and I both realized we couldn’t squeeze everything I wanted to cover in a single book so it evolved into two volumes.

And those two volumes have been a cornerstone of my career.

To this day, and no matter what country I’m in, I encounter people who tell me how much those two books have helped them in their careers or in gaining their CCIEs. Engineers will even bring their copy of the book to meetings or to events at which I’m speaking, and ask me to sign it. I’m always delighted to do so, and endlessly pleased that so many people find my books useful – although my kids find it hilarious that anyone would want my autograph on anything.

Given the success of these two volumes I had a conversation last year with Brett Bartow, the Executive Editor at Cisco Press, about doing a Volume III. Brett is interested in the concept, but not in my idea for a topic: I wanted to do the volume on MPLS. To me that’s the logical next step in the series and a topic I particularly enjoy. But Brett tells me it wouldn’t sell; the market is saturated with MPLS books. A quick scan of just the Cisco Press titles, and I reluctantly must agree with him.

So I thought I would open the question up to you: What topic or topics would you like to see in a “Routing TCP/IP, Volume III”? Post your suggestions as a response to this blog or e-mail to me privately.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Well, there were much more books already written on TCP/IP and related routing protocols. Still, we all found the “Routing TCP/IP Volume-I and Volume-II” very useful and also loved it. I personally find it very comfortable to read these books and the way entire topic gets covered in a very nice flow. I sincerely feel that though there are many books on MPLS, it would be certainly a great experience to learn it (MPLS) the “Very Special – Jeff Doyle way”!!
    In country like India where MPLS still has a lot of potential, new engineers would be blessed to have such a book from Jeff Doyle!!
    So please….

    Comment by Milind Pagar — March 16, 2008 @ 1:38 pm | Reply

  2. If itys not possible to write a book on MPLS topic (due to any marketing or comercial eason ) I would recommend Mr Doyle to write book on routing case studes include ,ospf ,bgp , multicast only bases on his real time wrking experience . It will be really very hand to go through designs and implementation based on Jeff Doyle experience.

    Comment by Ali Jamla — May 17, 2008 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

  3. I think that if this book would positioned exactly as third part of trilogy, then this book must tell about MPLS. At a minimum, it is logically. Although, there are many books about MPLS, these books very much alike. They are configuration guides of typical scenarios (to my mind). Exclusively, “MPLS and VPN Architectures” by Ivan Pepelnyak are good books for this theme. Books of Jeff Doyle quite a different. They very detailed, deep essence of core of protocols and technologies. Therefore, such book would absolutely very popular. At minimum, for those people, which really need for effective, clear comprehension of technology.

    If this book cannot be about MPLS then it can tell about modern implementations and features of core routing technologies (for example, Graceful Restart, BFD, VRF-Aware Routing and so on) and deeper understanding of their fundamentals. Unfortunately, today network engineers allured by new fashion technologies, such as VoIP, Wireless and so on, and disregard foundation of network. To my mind, such book would very actual and popular.

    Also, beside two books “Routing TCP/IP”, I want to refer about the book “OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks”. It is very fine book. Thank you very much, Jeff!

    Comment by Aleksandr Okonnikov — April 21, 2009 @ 8:21 am | Reply

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